Busy, busy, busy

Summer is finally here. Or is it? July was pretty busy again. I am working on logistical details regarding upcoming client events and projects. So yes, I’m pretty busy….

I also have a few up coming business trips in;  August – September – October so far.  

All very exciting stuff will share a bit later, on the adventures.

On the school front I had the honor of inviting a series of speakers come to speak and share their knowledge to my classes. And as per usual it was awesome and very inspirational for them. Which is basically the end goal when I do this.

It was a month full of celebrations. One of my nieces turned 14 (she is officially a tween), my mom turned 81  and a wonderful continuance of gathering with friends to celebrate. Love catching up with everybody. Sometime reconnecting with friends is just what the doctor ordered. Including small day trips in and around the city and beyond.

As you can see much was happening in July, but it’s the quiet before the storm.

See you in August.

Hello June

June was quite productive.

Worked on a client’s annual medical conference for a few days.

Attended a Continuing Education Conference.

Did some site visit for upcoming Holiday parties (yes, it is that time)

Had supplier meeting luncheons.

At school, College Lasalle it was MidTerm time, and invited guest speaker to inspire my Business Management program students.

Overall, it was quite busy and fruitful; currently working on logistics planning for quite a few upcoming fall/winter client conferences.  Also collaborating/working on several newly attained projects that hopefully will come to prosper. Speaking of new projects, planning a few business trips on the other side of the world, into new horizons and adventure…

Let’s not forget more outings with close friends.

That’s about it, for June everyone… stay tuned..


The month of May was quite busy and continued reconnection at all levels.

After coming back from vacation bliss, I jumped right in with conference and the beginning of summer school session.

But first it was my mother in law’s 90th Birthday and of course we celebrated this – what a feat when I grow up, I want to be just like her 😝

As I mentioned the summer session started at College Lasalle this time the classes, I’m teaching have nothing to do with Event Planning but have to do with Business Management Program. Yes, it’s quite a different mind set but I will stat I’m loving it and it’s a great change of pace to teach during the day.

Left for an annual conference in Gatineau, Quebec. It’s a conference called THE EVENT, which is all about education and networking. Once again it was great, great conference and it was great to see my peeps (finally).

In between all this I got invited to do several renovated properties for ‘refreshed’ site visits and a few renovated terrasse openings. (uuuuhh how Montreal) That was fun too – nice for things to get back to the norm.

Speaking of norm C2 Montreal. Another wonderful and innovative conference happened and this year I was part of the organizing team.  What an honor MERCI C2MTL team, honored I was wow, wow, wow.

Squeezed in some time to catch-up with a few more of my girlfriends/colleagues. I’ve been introducing the to this now quaint tea house run by a mother and daughter duo – called CRATIVI-THE. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone…  I love that place. It has a wonderful spectacular vibe and is very authentically delish.

Back to College Lasalle they had their yearly Open House, this is to invite future students to come visit and see if they would do their studies there. Speaking of studies, every year the College has a Dragons Den like contest for future entrepreneurs. It comprises of the students in any program that have/think of opening their own company or have  invented some service or product and they pitch it to the Judges who are outside businesspeople. (just like the show on TV) The goal is to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the school.  Who ever wins this round they move on to the finals, which are held in Tunisia, (also a Lasalle College school) isn’t this cool?!?  What a wonderful opportunity and challenge for them.

That’s it for this month of see you next month.

Showered in kindness.

Ahhhh, April another busy month and was showered with wonderful kind people.  

Continued to work on my client projects/programs for the fall and wrapped up the classes for the Winter session at College LaSalle. Had another opportunity to organize a graduation ceremony for the online only students.

Industry networking events are trickling in more and more. This is a GREAT sign it basically means that the events industry is slowly and steadily coming back to life!! I said it before and will say it again this is nice getting back to the “norm” of things.  ❤ ❤ 

Speaking of the “norm” we went out with friends to see and relive our youth by hear local bands playing homage the greatest hits of the 70’s and 80’s era…..

An we (hubby and I) wrapped up the month with a well-deserved wonderful vacation… Very much  needed, got worn down with all the last-minute running around  and fires to put out. I did not realize how much February and March took a toll on me. I felt I needed some me time and a vacation was a great remedy.  Booked a last minute (10day) get away to the Dominican Republic in Puerto Plata. OMG what a lovely resort kudos to the support staff. It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered, time for us to do nothing and regenerate the juices. Honestly did not want to come back….

See you in May …

Activities Galore

Crazy month of activities –  the saying in Italian is;  ‘Marzo e Pazzo’ 

This month there was all kinds of mixed stuff from industry event celebrations to having family over for Easter including going out to celebrate friends …

What I am saying it is almost a back to normal back to regular kind of routine month before you know what happened….

Started with my speaker series for my students (at College Lasalle) that began with people from all industries coming to inspire the classes. From:  Customer Service Management to Entrepreneurship to how being a well-balanced Manager is. Some speakers where online and some came to campus in person. The students LOVED LOVED this experience.

Too boot they also participated in Business Week event which is an annual networking event organized by the school to help up-and-coming Business Graduates students find their places in the Business World … FUN FUN FUN.

I also worked and executed some client programs in between the industry events. It was jammed packed for the month of March.

Then Easter came, we had a wonder family gathering to celebrate. With a mix of outing with friends

Ouffff it flew by we are already welcoming the month of April – let’s see what next month will bring see you all then…

Recognition – thanks for the nod

February is known for the month of love. Well, I got exactly that a lot of love from all levels personally and professionally speaking.

I was invited to take part on a panel discussion at an annual conference called: National Business Tourism Day for the province of Quebec. This was a great honor, and it was great to see people in our beloved industry. I of course was honored and humbled to be asked. I know I say that a lot, you need to understand that it is a REAL honor to be thought of.

Happy Saint Valentine’s ♥ Wishing you all lots and lots of love at all levels…

Speaking of love let me redirect you to my classes at Lasalle College. Why you ask? Well, I wanted to share the love that speakers had when I invited the to come inspire some of my students.  I call it my speaker series for the month of February. What it means is that I ask several business owners from different backgrounds to come to speak and share their real-life experiences with the students. It is a great change of pace from the regular class format. I loved to see the inspiration that is created in their eyes… my moto =  Aspire to Inspire.

On the social side of things, I did catchup with some of my POWER WOMEN friends. We went to a tea house instead of the regular restaurant. It was a nice change of pace and delish…

Also, was invited to a grand opening of a Museum here in Laval it is right next to the Cosmodrome. It’s all about biodiversity and humanity … love the great advances we’re doing in general.  The diversity of things is becoming more and more relevant – love love it.

That is all for now – see next month.


Happy new year happy everyone!! Wishing you all a new year of new hopes, projects, and wonderful adventures.

I continued to work on my clients’ holiday parties…yes, holiday parties in January. At times these decisions are made like this simply because in December can be a very intensely busy month for some people and some corporations. And why not January is generally a quieter calmer time and one can REALLY enjoy the festivities.

Lasalle College’s winter session also began. I started off with a medium load of classes during the day and then BOOM it intensified with several more due to lack of teachers … so in other words I have a total of ten classes. It is intense for me never had so many in my 14years of teaching. Alas, the one program that I really wanted to start did not due to lack of student enrolment. Yes, I’m speaking of my beloved Event Management program.  However, having said all this it’s very welcoming change of pace because I’m now giving classes in: Customer Service – Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Management, all related to the Business Management Program which I love. And is a great fit for me too. Yes, it is different from Event Planning however it is all about the business world and I know a thing or two about that.

With all this newness going on I feel the NEED for a break = vacation. It’s become desperate. But I digress….

Speaking of vacations hubby and I did take some staycation, we took a day off and we did a couples massage including a water therapy treatment. Did us a lot of good. Got to relaxed and disconnect. It’s been an INTENSE November through January for me. Even though I was in Florida for the month of November, but truth be told it was intense. At times I worked 14hour days most of that period with all the logistical prepping for the upcoming client programs….

I will share that it was an experiment for me. Wanted to see if I can do all this in a remote setting and I am happy to report YES it can be done. (it wasn’t easy but I did it I managed it). Which only means to me that I will do this again and maybe for longer time periods.

That is all for now again HAPPY NEW YEAR to all – with tons of healthy vibes first and the rest will come…

Warp speed kinda month

Hello everyone, Happy Holidays – I will tell you that this month I did not see pass by. BAM no break for the entire month… the day after we arrived from Florida it started FULL THROTTLE!!

I hit the ground running with the two – 10th year anniversary company event within that week. All the logistical work that I did in Florida came to fruition.

Sunday, I arrived from Florida and Monday I executed (with my team) the first event. Once that was done then we prepared for the second event for the same client on that coming Friday. Yes, it was intense but very successful!!

It’s very satisfying when people actually give you confidence to do facilitate their celebrations even though it was complicated all along the way and by complicated, I mean the indecisiveness of one’s client. What can you do, it happens, and it is part of our jobs as planners to reassure them. I completely empathize that sometimes they have to put a lot of faith in you and your team. What is important is holding their hand all the way through it with confidence.

Speaking of confidence that same Friday I had a client’s annual Holiday staff dinner party finished one and off to the second one. Talk about double booking!! Thank God it was at different time during the day. All done and completed without a hitch.

Then (the day after) Saturday came and BOOM – COP 15 started. After months of organizing, sourcing, and executing it was time to be in place and make it happen. As of December 3rd, all the way to December 20th my team and I worked 12 – 13-hour days nonstop. What an experience and fantastical conference!! One needs to understand or take in consideration that we, collectively, had only six months to organize it.  When normally it takes at least a good two years to properly put things together.  This massive conference consisted of basically 15,000 attendees on a daily basis, coming from all over the world. The United Nations was the machine / brainchild behind all this. And WOW kudos to them, they are one fantastic well-oiled machine. From the perspective of a planner, I was uber concerned about how everything was to come together with only 6months to do it.  I didn’t know how it was going to be possible?!? Well,  I was blown away by the entire organization and operation!!  The UN team that I was working with and all the volunteers – wow wow wow wow – how impressive!! Hats off, I was floored and learned so much it opened my eyes to the aspect of things. Meaning it’s an EXTREMELY very well-oiled machine. Yes, there where some hiccups, but considering all the logistics in this conference, OMG OMG it was awesome and what a dream team of volunteers!!! The superb attitudes of everyone was all that made the difference. Not to mention how much I learnt and the great people I met along the way!! Humble and Grateful to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity. MIC DROPPED!!

And yes, yes of course somehow (exhausted and all) with the GRAND help of awesome hubby, spent time and hosted my brother and his kids for the holidays – god we love them!!!

See you next year!!

A month full of trials and tribulations

Why you may ask, well, this was the month my husband and I decided to see if we can do a whole month down south specifically in Florida.  To basically test it out and see how if would be possible for us to do so and me to actually work remotely.

The verdict is in and YES it was!! Overall, it gave us a glimpse of what our retirement days could be (hopefully). I am not completely sold on this idea, however I feel we need to try this a few more times before final decision would be made. But overall, it did pan out. Even though I did have TONS of logistical work on my upcoming client events, then adding to it my online classes …  

I will not lie I did have my reservations as to if it was even possible to juggle all this. I surprised myself, it worked out!! I was able to work the entire month without a hitch. You know it is good to have an open enough mind to at least try this. (it’s good have an open spirit) If one does not try one will never know what the outcomes can be, right? God willing, we may become future snowbirds!?!

Don’t get me wrong while in Florida we did the usual beach-bumming things, including, visits with friends, spent a few days exploring other parts of the northwest coast together. Some of these friends are located in Fort Myers area. This is the area that was hit with the devastating tornadoes and horrible storms. OMG the damages was so horrible that we could not go to the usual beaches close by. These storms contaminated those beaches so much that we were shut down to the public and forced us to travel a few hours further to reach proper safe beaches. What a shame, we where told it will take the authorities a few years to properly decontaminate those affected beaches.   

Having said all this I will state the camaraderie between neighbors in that area was wonderful. Devastation does bring people together. Many homes where utterly destroyed to the point of no recognition… what a huge loss to those property owners.

That is all for now, see you all next month – ciao for now.

Trying / Challenging / Triumphant

I will not lie it’s been quite a challenging month professionally and personally.

Professionally because there are STILL clients out there that really do not understand what we planners do. The worst part is that they have their own ideas of our profession even though ‘we’ constantly have to explain and re-explain it.  I’m not mad about it is just so so sad that although Montrealer’s are sooo ‘avantgarde’ and yet they STILL don’t get what a Meetings/Event Planner does for a living … maybe they don’t want to get it. Solution is simply being patient and constantly educating them. Venting over…. 😊

Now on the personal side of things this year has been quite challenging with the many passings of many Family – Friends – Co-workers etc.… it’s an average of 1 or 2 per week – yes you are reading correctly. What is going on!!! OUFFFFAAA. talk about facing my own mortality.

Back to my work, been working hard on several corporate events, either on upcoming holiday celebrations and/or company anniversaries. I’m glad to see that people are willing to just celebrate… From 30 people to 300 people, it’s pretty cool that the COVID fear is slightly over – overall… Needless to say I’m lovein it. Speaking of events, I will share that the logistical part is always challenging in any given circumstances.

HOWEVER, at the moment OMG OMG OMG it’s all about uber short timelines, which is doable but, on the flip side the shortage of labour and supply chain is UNBELEIBALY nuts… and this is what makes our challenging job even MORE challenging… Keep telling myself we got this!!!  

After some negotiating, I finally got approved to join the organizing team of COP15 https://www.unep.org/un-biodiversity-conference-cop-15 . It is a very exciting here in Montreal. We are welcoming over 15,000delegates from all over the planet. Keep in mind I am not organizing it all – no no – there are lot of parts to this event and there’s a lot of teams that go with these parts. No matter it is very exciting. With several teams already did some sites had meetings etc…  This is happening in mid-December two weeks solid can’t wait. Will definitely keep you posted.

Speaking of sites did quite a bit this month; with new hotel openings in Laval. And invited to a few relaunching of either restaurant, special event spaces etc. this translate that the industry is slowly coming back to life. The only challenge is labour shortages, that everyone is experiencing. Oufffa universe help us please.

As for other outings we managed to also go to visit friends and see a tribute band giving homage to AC/DC what fun that was…

On the Teaching front, once again this year I participated at the Education Salon held at the Olympic Stadium. It was great to see people in person and there was a nice number of attendances too. Lots of high school students coming from all over the city and beyond. Another great thing to see. The week after College Lasalle had their open house which too was a success.

So as you can read it was a mixed but busy month… Happy Halloween everyone.

Let’s see if November will be busier?!?

Laters folks…

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