September – the ALL or NOTHING month

September is the month of “back to’s”:

  • back to school
  • back to work
  • back to routine

You get the gist and for me, it means the realization of a lot of projects/events.

First: I did so much actual execution work (no, no not that kind of execution)… I mean the “carrying out” of actual client events/programs that have been in the planning stages for months:

  • Educational Conference at client’s premises
  • Bi-annual Medical Congress at the Palais des Congres (from set up – teardown)
  • Annual Association AGM at the Double Tree By Hilton in Regina, Sask
  • Weddings (four) at various locations in the city (here are some “inspired by photos” while I await their permission to use the photos – they’re a little “busy” off on their perspective honeymoons (wink, wink)

Second: Classes at LaSalle College started up again, both in the evening and online. I have awesome groups of students this semester!

Third: Yes folks it’s that time of the year… I’m in the midst of planning the usual corporate holiday parties.

As per the usual busy schedule, it included some travel. As mentioned I went to Regina, but prior to this I attended (for the first time) the WeddingMBA Congress always held in Las Vegas.

In typical unpredictable Vegas style it was an adventure. The congress itself was quite enriching with educational value. However, I must share with you some of our adventures:

One evening we (myself and 19 other Canadian wedding planners from WPIC) were invited to a VIP tour of the Vegas Wedding Chapels. One of our stops was the infamous Little White Wedding Chapel (this is where Elvis and Britney, just to name a few, got hitched). While we visited the officiant got word we were all Canadian wedding planners and asked if there was someone in the group that spoke French… well, they all looked at me saying, “Daniela speaks it,” so it happened that I was the only one there who could. So, I was asked if I could assist/help to officiate a renewal of vows for this couple from France… I gladly accepted and did it (talk about circumstances of life!).

As if that was not enough, on our way back, myself and some members of the WPIC went back on our party limo/bus that turned into quite the unbelievable ride (would you believe me if I told you the driver did a little G-rated pole dance for us ladies completely out of the blue?!). Only in Vegas baby… OMG!

Back to reality, for the first time I assisted the Montreal International Black Film Festival … WOW! I got to meet: Spike Lee (film director/producer/writer/artist) – PK Subban (hockey player extraordinaire from the Montreal Canadians) – Jamie Orchard (from Global Evening News). BIG BIG shout out to my former students and now colleagues (Marie Candelaria and Erica Jabouin for the invite!!! “Logistically Speaking” you ROCK!!!)

This month ends with my birthday celebration – I spent the weekend in Quebec City at the newly renovated Chateau Frontenac with my hubby and dog Max … WOW… I get asked if I will have a BIG BASH my reply is: “no no! I want to celebrate with my famiglia…”

And the craziness won’t stop there – September is only the tip of the planning iceberg. In fact, fall is just going to get busier and busier. I honestly don’t know how I survived September, but I did.

Looking forward to an even wilder October!

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