Month of celebrations

Summer has wound down into Fall ahhhhhh September…

I cannot believe it, summer has passed, where did it go?!?!

What a month it was: recognized by the House of Commons with an official letter of congratulations for my MENTOR HALL of FAME HONOR in our industry. You need to understand, to be inducted is a BIG BIG Honour – the fact they chose someone from Quebec (in Montreal) is truthfully unheard of. It has never, ever happened. Our market is so small in Quebec compared to the rest of Canada compared to the markets in Ottawa and Toronto, and even Calgary, are massive compared to Quebec. Too boot I am not a big company, and I do not even know how they heard about me! I could not believe it when the letter arrived. I had to read it a few times, and I asked my husband to read it to confirm I understood what the letter was saying!

Because of that, I had a lot of friends/suppliers/clients who took me out for coffee/lunches and/or showered me with thoughtful gifts. The recognition/celebrations just keep coming, and I am so utterly grateful. (these are not easy times we are living soooo a bit of sunshine is so welcomed!!

This month, much like August, I did a lot of Zoom networking meetings which makes me travel all-over the world (virtually speaking).

School is going very well too yes; it is still happening online. And of course, always adjustments there from both myself and my students.

Small renos are coming to an end between the installation of the new Gazebo and a refresh on our powder room. It gives our place a much-needed updated lift.

On a celebratory note it’s my birthday month YES another year another candle added to my birthday cake. I realized you truly do not know how much you are loved (or maybe we take it for granted) until it is time to celebrate… It was a quiet celebration very intimate and between my online class… Yup you are reading it right … crazy times we are living indeed. But it is ok got showered with love and that is all that counts for me…

Other than that, I am still doing my usual cooking, experimenting, and exploring new recipes. Even started turning farmed fruits (grapes and pears) into Jams YUMMMO … I am doing this, so I do not get bored hence why I am trying new recipes that are out of my comfort zone.

On a Health note I went for a PreOp this month for my upcoming Hysterectomy operation – it is basically a preventative measure.

I am loving the fall colors and the fallen leaves everywhere. Especially when I am taking Ballo (my dog) during our morning walks … only thing is that I need to get bundled up more, adjusting, to that crisp morning fall air …hope you are too.

See you in October!

Celebrations – Mentoring & Accolades

Celebrations – Mentoring & Accolades

August has been quite an eventful and emotionally interesting month…

It started with celebrating Gabby’s birthday, my gorgeous niece (she is growing up UBER fast). She is starting her first year in college … WHATTT??!!

Then it was our wedding anniversary – my hubby and I celebrated 34 years together. We went for brunch at the LOVELY Manoir Hovey  OUFFF, when I verbalize it, it hits me that it is almost ¾ of our life!! And BTW LOVING every minute of it❤ ❤

Then that same week the summer session at College Lasalle was over!!! Another batch of Event Planners on the loose into our industry!! (sometimes I feel like a mother hen letting go of her brood)

Even though this is the case. I was ask to mentor a few of these grad students to help them get their start in this BIG BIG crazy world… (it TRULY gives me PLEASURE)

Speaking of Mentoring; I found out that I’ve been inducted in the 2020 Canadian Meeting and Events Expos (CME Expo) Hall of Fame as MENTOR of the YEAR  . I was absolutely blown away! What an honour! You need to understand that out of alllllll the nominations across Canada… I was chosen!!!! WOWZERS and HUMBLED!!! The ceremony has been postponed this year’s (due to COVID) however, the event will happen next year. (GOD willing)

If you are wondering, NO I am not working on actual client events at the moment ☹ due to you know what!!! However, I am keeping up with the industry via zoom calls and some educational webinars which includes tons of networking. I even was asked to be one of 3 panellists, for Women in Tourism Mexico (WIMEX) to discus the current COVID situation effecting our industry within our country compared to others… (another honor) Side note it was my 1st real virtual conference and believe it or not I LOVED it!! But nothing beats face to face….

A lot of my work travel has been on hold, due to this pandemic. However, I/we did get away for a few days to explore the Gaspe region. It is one of the HOT SPOTS right now to vacay at since we cannot go anywhere else right now. And because of this, it was almost impossible to find a hotel. When I finally did it was for two nights only. So, we drove 10hrs, arrived the evening, check in, explored a little after supper. Went to bed got up the next day did tons of walking, sightseeing, and beach bumming, had another wonderful supper went to bed and then spent another 10hrs driving home! YES, it was tiring but sooooo worth it. I was STILL regaling at the realization that we could walk to the La Roche Percé  – I was shocked and sooo excited that I was there up-close and touching it!!!

Then once back, a few day’s later we did a quick trip to the city of Kingston (Ontario)!! It was a great gem of a discovery we only stayed overnight and LOVED it!!! What a delightful place near the water!!

Truth be told, I do not know why it’s taken this long, however, NOW I can confirm that I’m beginning to feel a little stir crazy! I am keeping as busy as possible ‘setting’ a daily routine so, I do not feel it, but alas, I am human – although I am taking advantage of doing nothing and realigning myself and path.

I CONFESS I want my planner life back!!  

So, for now I have still been doing a ton of cooking. And hubby and I are also revamping/finishing some overdue projects in and around the house.

That is my month in a nutshell.

Hope the rest of your month ends on a great, healthy note!

Zoomy and Zooming along this hot hot hot July

Zoomy and Zooming along this hot hot hot July

Wow, what a hot and humid month it has been. Hope you are all doing well and staying cool, safe as well as healthy.

Started off the month with Canada Day celebrations… truth be told, we didn’t do much LOL but we still celebrated in our own way!

For July, I helped celebrate a one of my niece’s birthday social distance style.

And speaking of social distancing, Zoom took me all over the world this month: meetings in the Cayman Islands, Lake Como, Mexico, Jamaica, and Thailand… virtual travel is the way to getting things done, at the moment, of course.

Other online activities included: Entrepreneurial Masterclasses, Podcast Interviews, Supplier Strategy sessions. Yes folks you can now understand why I called this month ZOOMY!!  I am keeping busy attending all these meeting exchanges to see if I can integrate and/or pivot them into my business model.

Link to ipib – PodCast episode #3 

Yes, the Zoomy situation continues. It infiltrated into the school front. My students had a Final Project Fundraiser to do and WOW am I proud of them!! Don’t get me wrong there was TONS of DRAMA, however, they proved to be quite a talented group! I must say: I was surprised that, with all the social distancing, they where able to pull it off CONGRATS!!!!

Link to interview on their project – PodCast we appear at 1:56:00

Too boot they surprised me with love and gratitude, sending flowers, cards and gifts.  ❤ ❤

On a personal note, I finally had my laser eye procedure, this is to avoid getting glaucoma (because I have Type 2 Diabetes). It was fast in and out with in 30 minutes!!! Kudos to our front-liners!!!

Ohhhhh yes, I have not slowed down on the cooking and baking front!! Look….

AND I actually FINALLY had my hair situation taken care of – WOOT WOOT… YAY!!

YES YES we where super safe and wore our masks.

I’m blessed to have had over all good month of July, of course,  I had my ups and downs, like everyone I guess…. Anyhoot, wishing you ALL to stay safe and ENJOY this wonderful summer!!

AND WEAR YOUR MASKS – it saves lives !!!!

Come back to read my next blog in August!

Just chugging along this month

Just chugging along this month

Hello everyone! Hope you have been doing well and keeping healthy and safe!?!

Myself, I have been keeping sane by increasing my walks with my dog, Ballo, and a little music that helps set the mood. I found this helps me tons, by cutting down on my anxieties and starts the day off right…

Believe it or not, I have been quite busy… I did not “work”, but I worked, if you know what I mean.

This was another “Zoom-y” FILLED month. What I mean by this is that zoom meetings are my NEW NORMAL!! Every day or every other day, I am either connecting with family, friends and/or industry colleagues. Even though it is tiering I’ve realized that this is helping me keep my sanity (thank you Technology) You see since the beginning of this pandemic I have made it a point to reach-out to them. I am a true believer in staying connected, even if we have to social distance. (it keeps us sane!!)

Yes, I am still cooking/baking tons and LOVING it!!! Yes, I have no problem being in the kitchen ‘slaving’ away for my loved ones and guests ….  it has been one of the nicest things during this pandemic – getting back into one of my many passions.

And YES, folks, my fans are asking me, “your must be ITCHING to travel, no? it must be hard to stay home…” Well, yes, I am itching and no it is not hard (love being home) … However, I have been ‘attending’ destinations virtually… Yes, Yes, I have travelled to Dubai, Ecuador, Cancun, Isreal, Cambodia, Great Britan, MexicoCanada & USA, all via Zoom in order to keep up-to-date on the new rules and regulations regarding incentive travel…

Guess what!?!?

We finally got the go ahead to get GROOMED!!!!! Whooooo Hooooo!!! Started off with Ballo my dog (OMG he NEEDED it BADLY) then myself, got me a mani and a pedi (ahhhh … you have no idea how happy my feet & hands where once they finally got some TLC). As for my hair, well I’ve have been managing, however, it too desperately NEEDS some lovin – that is booked for mid-July!!!

And amongst allllll this crazy, I got a ‘new’ used car! You see we have had 3 vehicles; I know – I know – 2 people 3 cars WHAT!?! (don’t ask) anyhow 2 out of the 3 where on their last leg (both where 20year old cars – clearly their time was up). Since we where faced with this dilemma we shopped around (online) and decided to go explore BMWs (I’ve secretly wanted this vehicle for decades). To be clear I did NOT want it for the ‘prestige’ – wanted it for the BRAND … can’t explain the attraction but I’ve always wanted one – just like I salivate when I see a motorcycle (especially a Harley-Davidson!!) but that is another story for another time….

I did my very 1st site visit (since the pandemic – mid March) at XO Productions  of course with social distancing. I’ve been invited to quite a few other venues and am still somewhat hesitant. Baby steps – basically I am on the fence about venturing out like I used too.

Speaking of venturing out; on the family front we (my parents + my brother with his crew + hubby and I) did Father’s Day celebration together with respecting the social distancing rules. It was lovely to see everyone again …. (I sooo miss my normal!!!)

Continuing on the family visits, we took the opportunity to visit my mother-in-law brought her, some groceries… But just before the visit, Hubby, and I where uber hungry and decided to have a quick bite at Chez Ma Tante   – nothing fancy but DELISH!!! For those of you that do not know this place it is in Ahuntsic, Montreal and it is a LANDMARK!! Yes, it is old-school Hot Dog joint: where you go up order and eat in your car. It has been there for over 40years and it is DELISH!!! Coincidently we did this on St. Jean Baptiste, which is one of many traditions on this day in our province to have hot dogs and fries!! That is right folks, that is was “our outing” for the month – haha!

Lastly to wrap up the month the lovely and talented Sabrina Marandola from CBC Radio called me up for an interview on her daily show regarding the status of the ‘upcoming wedding season’ during this pandemic!! It was all round fun experience… here is the audio link should you want to hear it.

Hope you have enjoyed the start of summer. See you in July!

Shhhhhh QUIET month of May

Shhhhhh QUIET month of May…

Well, it’s been a chill month, not surprisingly. I have not been working in events at all, however, I have had a many industry related Zoom Meetings; I dubbed it ‘Zoomying’😊 And in the mix of all this zoomying; there has been some what of what I would call R&D work, exploring, discussing and analysing options on what would be the new norm as “virtual events”…. we will see what comes of it.

Speaking of the new norm; I actually attended a Virtual Networking Event coming out of our capital city Ottawa. To say the least it was interesting, you I was curious on how this would be executed and what my experience would be like… and it was GOOD!! You see, I am kind of in a situation where I do not really know what to do at this point!! Do I sit and wait, or do I do something!?! There is TONS of chatter on PIVOTING or doing everything VIRTUALLY …. obviously due to the circumstances there are not any events happening … nor will they in the next few months or year…😲 ☹ AND I TRULY do not know what to do. I am on the fence and weighing all my options… I feel uselessly helpless, but I know one thing for sure, that for now, it is what it is. Circling back to zoomying, this is where when I see upcoming virtual activity and/or events, I do my darndest to attend. Also, mostly to stay in touch with my eventprofs peeps and to see what options are out there for clients (and me).

Another outlet I’ve been fortunate to partake in is Industry … They are from the US – they have reached out to planners (from all over) to see what is going on or what is everyone collectively doing during these trying times in our beloved industry?!? Here are copies of my contributions.

Early May was my Mother in law’s Birthday (87yrs old god bless) and a week later was Mother’s Day, so we celebrated both our Mom’s in exercising a proper social distancing. It was GREAT and sad-ish (all in one) due to we couldn’t actually hug and stay too long as we usually would… Speaking of being social via social distancing  I’ve been also catching up with friends via the social media platforms too.

Ohhhhh BTW I’m STILL cooking and baking and I’m STILL LOVING LOVING LOVING it!!!
Guess my diet is on hold for now. #dietwhatdiet #quarantinecooking
And speaking of food we are taking advantage of picnicking along our beautiful shorelines here in YUL…

May 11th was back to school, yes Summer Session is continuing only difference is it is online. I feel bad for the students… do not get me wrong they are wonderful!!! However, they did not sign up for online classes, but right now they do not really have a choice… I am TRYING my BEST to make the lectures interesting and exciting for them. You they chose to do the campus classes … and they don’t like this online situation, but it is what it is, and we all need to make the best of it.  Speaking of making the BEST of it … I was invited to be a guest speaker at another school: College Laval, this is a private High School in a Zoom meeting format (see why I’m dubbing this zoom stuff Zoomying 😝😊) What a GREAT experience and as ALWAYS I ASPIRE to INSPIRE at anytime!!!

On a health note, to my surprise got the call that the small medical procedure that was scheduled pre-COVID19 and then postponed was green lighted … I was grateful and humbled to get it done (you see with all this going on I thought for sure I may fall between the cracks …but no … too boot it was quick… in and out. I AGAIN was SUPER GRATEFUL to get it done and the frontline staffers at the Glen Hospital were awesome. I was soooooo grateful that I had to write a heartfelt thank you note and have it published in the Suburban online News health section … if interested in reading it here is the link.

Wanted to give a shout out to kindness; my neighbours, clientele, and suppliers for being selfless during this time showering us with masks – gifts and lots of support!!

WE NEED to just keep taking things one day at a time. I will see you soon. Please stay safe and well!!!
Sending you all Virtual HUGGS and KISSES!!!!

A Zoom-y kind of month

A Zoom-y kind of month

Yes, it has been a Zoom-y kind of month. I have had so many Zoom meetings it is unbelievable!

From: client meetings, supplier meetings, brainstorming sessions, industry gatherings, student mentoring and YES even 5@7’s with friends’ family and colleagues.

Truth be told, we where to be galivanting in Portugal right now on vacay, obviously, it is better to be safe than sorry and be home.

As I mentioned in last month’s blog, I rediscovered my other passion, which is cooking and now I discovered I am not that bad in baking either!!! (who knew!?!). You see, Easter happened (without the usual family gathering) frustrated, I felt the needed to venture into making/creating the traditional Easter meals we usually have and quite frankly, it was a success!!! I guess I am now ready for next year’s gathering with all the traditional trimmings … You know, it has been really nice to have time in my kitchen again.  Ahhhh blisss….

I also mentioned last month that, my 2nd hustle, Lasalle College did a smooth transition on to online classes (in mid March), and I am glad to report all is still good… We where even able to wrap up the winter session with virtual final exams, in mid April. Due to this transition we needed to support our students with a little more care and I am happy to report hey where happy… they sent me thank you notes – how touching!!

So, I now have a small break between the school’s sessions – hence why we where leaving to glorious Portugal on vacay … but alas it was not to be and I digress …

Going back to the title of this month’s blog  “Zoom-y Kind of Month” … believe it or not I’ve been quite busy ‘working’ without leaving the house… nice to still be part of things, even though we have to keep our distances, these meetings are the new normal, for now anyways. (I do MISS my humans…)

Yes folks, I am not (and cannot) go anywhere. However, believe it or not, I am just as busy as when I was getting around in the car! You see, between School, Work, Industry Interviews, Family, Friends, Clients, Accountant, the Dog, Netflix and Grocery shopping for the parents and in-laws. April has kept me as busy as a bee thus far. (even though there was no physical human contact…)

Wonder what May will have in store? One thing I WANT, mother nature, to send us some WARMTH ASAP – PLEASE!!!  Even though the signs of Spring are evident; we have rabbits invading our backyard … 😊

In wrapping this up – we must hope that it can only get better!! (fingers-crossed)

Please – Please – Please, everyone, STAY HOME as much as possible WE will be SAVING LIVES – be well.

PANDIMONIUM or is it??

PANDIMONIUM or is it??

I say this ‘cause MAYBE it’s life telling us alllllll to SHUT/SLOW DOWN and take advantage of reconnecting with EVERYTHING !!!

I’d like to begin by wishing all my readers good health. Hang in there – we’ll get through this!
#rememberweareinittogether #stayhome #staysafe
This month has turned out to be about connecting and reconnecting due to this virus.

I spent the first part of the month working as per usual; site visits/client meetings/finalizing up coming event details and organizing the upcoming months work schedules etc.… etc… And THEN the INEVITABLE happened – CORONA VIRUS came to ‘town’ …. Well that put EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING into a tailspin of crisis/risk management mode. I am talking personally and professionally; personally, I had many conversations with my snowbird parents (in Florida at the time) as to where they should stay, or they should come back early?!?! Super super stressful to say the least!! Finally they decided to bite the bullet and come back early regardless of the risks… Thankfully I got them back to Montreal safe and sound, however, there was much prepping to do before their return; their house needed to be “warmed up” and make sure all the humidity was gone then of course getting them groceries, and cooking a batch of homemade soup for their return.. Coincidentally a week later our Prime Minister also ordered all boarder to shut down …and for all Canadians to come home!!!

♥ Let’s back track a little earlier this month had the pleasure and privilege to attend the EROS RAMAZZOTTI concert gifted to us (my clients and I) by non-other than Evenko… Thank you for the gesture EVENKO you made me look like a rock star to my clients and what a concert it WAS.

♥ A few days later, there was an industry event in an old church converted into a event space called Centre Saint Jax in collaboration with Le Monastere what a GREAT NEW space and WOW the entertainment was sublime!!!

♥ Also did a class outing with my students at the newly renovated W Hotel Montreal . Just sexier that before!! GREAT JOB team WHotel!!!

♥ I also became an official mentor for YES Montreal !! ASPIRE to INSPIRE

After those two first weeks …. EVERYTHING went HAYWIRE!!!! So, as of the 12 of March I basically decided to stay home due to this crazy virus. The first few days of self-isolation wasn’t so bad. Yes, it was and still is an adjustment … however, one has to do what one has to do:

♥ Lasalle College classes (which seemed like overnight) were all converted to online!! BOOM, of course it took some adjusting, however, we’ve found our “new normal.”

♥ Found myself cooking/baking up a storm: surf-n-turf, tomato sauce, chili, shepherd’s pie, apple pie, muffins, making bread, baking cakes from scratch, making jams, etc… etc… You see when I was working and traveling, I kind of never had time to properly cook, (which BTW is one of my TOP TOP PASSIONS) so it’s been really nice to reconnect like this. We also started our Spring cleaning!!

♥ Hubby now out of work, due to the virus, is too keeping busy with doing things around the home and reconnecting with the love of MUSIC, yes, he is a former musician. (he’ll kill me for saying this – kind of outing him)) ‘Built himself a makeshift music studio in the basement and his spending time creating song)

♥ Then our fur-baby Ballo (the dog) is a little overwhelmed (and happy) that we are now always home. I’m sure he is confused, delighted and wondering, “what’s happening?”

♥ Found my self uber bing watching Netflix and CNN – been doing it so much that I can now announce that I’ve watched the ENTIRE Netflix catalogue!! GOOD GOD in heaven what am I to do now??

♥ Amidst all this, I was contacted by com a renowned industry publisher to hear my views on what is currently happening and how much it is hurting the industry … here is the link:

So, in this time of uncertainty, events are all postponed and/or on hold… they’re not cancelled per say. I’m talking about all my local client programs/events; educational symposiums and workshops, as well as teambuilding activities, upcoming sales retreat, etc. etc… are on hold until further notice. This is my reality right now. I have no idea what we’re going to do in April.

Of course, this will pass, and we are all in it together (hope it is not too BIG of PRICE to pay)
Alas, we just must take this one day at a time… see you in April …

A MASHUP kind a month

A MASHUP kind a month

February was definitely a festive month – a lot of birthday celebrations: hubby, nephew, sister-in-law and lastly my fur baby. Needless to say, there was many celebrations happening the first few weeks this month!

Speaking of celebration: since my clients upcoming events are pretty much set, and I worked on a few morning and evening meetings for them….

I was able to take advantage and catchup with friends, family and colleagues by grabbing coffee/ having breakfast and/or luncheons. I’m a big believer to take the time to nourish my all my relationships when possible.

Also making/taking time to visit a few open houses & openings of new venue spaces, plus, met-up with suppliers to discuss details of our upcoming client program/events:

♥ Locations Diva
♥ Casa D’ Eramo 
♥ Nemesis
♥ Espace Mansfield
♥ Lasalle College
♥ Supplier meetings

There is never a month without some sort of mentoring with former students, something I always enjoy doing (truth be told I truly enjoy helping as much as I can). Maybe it should become my 4th Hustle??

Speaking of students, I had a few speakers come to the classes to help inspire them in this illustrious career path they’ve chosen.

Shout out to some news media outlets for Interviewing me on my expertise in the industry and to boot a Blog on my continued journey with my Cancer recovery.

Here are the links enjoy the read:

♥ La Presse
♥ The Suburban online’s – World Cancer Day

FINALLY go to attend the Let Them Eat Cake Annual Wedding Awards Gala in Toronto – WOWZERS did we ever eat cake …. But on a serious note it was great a GREAT evening and nice to see everyone in person!!

Going forward, there’s a lot in the pipeline, such as big events in April and then throughout the summer.

Remember: you must come back to my blog next month to read all about it.

It’s a new year and beginning of a new decade – ouffff – let’s do this!!

It’s a new year and beginning of a new decade – ouffff – let’s do this!!

Welcome to 2020, everyone! Hope the New Year is treating you well and that you’ve found a way of sticking to those resolutions you’ve set for yourselves. 😊

For me, the new decade started off with a stint at John Molson School of Business (JMSB) International MBA Competition, which in short, is pretty much like the TV show Shark’s Tank. MBA students from all over the world come to Concordia’s JMSB and compete/prepare business cases, including all the logistics, within 45 minutes to an hour. It’s amazing! I’m always blown away by these students and their conclusions. 

Speaking of school College Lasalle’s Winter Session started as well. What is exciting this session is my Event Planning Students are going to plan and organize the GRAD for the 4 different schools within the College… WOW it’s never been done!! How exciting is that?!?

As per every beginning of the year I’m working on a few corporate client’s programs that are repeats, as well as some new projects; like Sales Meetings – Incentive Trip – Continuing Education seminars – Launch Parties and some personal social parties like a 60th birthday, and of course Weddings.

On the travel front I was supposed to attend a FAM Tour to Kolkata, India and due to visa issues … it did not materialize … c’est la vie… (next item I hope)

Attended the Salon Marion Nous  Wedding show with clients and as per usual it was GREAT show – discovered new vendors.

Also attended a new venue space called Le Cathcart at the downtown core in Place Ville Marie (PVM) very nice décor and delish food!!

Ended the month by attending the annual Industry Trade Show in Ottawa called Tete a Tete. It always has GREAT GREAT keynote speaker and perfect platform to network and strengthen up and/or create new alliances in this industry.

Also partook at a new certification that WPIC  created for Wedding Designers and it was awesome (included a lot of stuff I already knew).

Also, at this time of the year Montreal puts on the Annual Fete des Neiges at its new home in Parc Jean-Drapeau. It’s was fantastic, great for those who love winter and winter activities, however, if you go with your kids, please, please, please bundle up! It’s super cold. Here is the link to the Blog I wrote on it enjoy;

All in all, the first quarter of 2020 is shaping up to be super busy!

Looking forward to February!

Thankful month of December – last month of the year last month of the decade!!!

Thankful month of December – last month of the year last month of the decade!!!

I’d like to start this month’s blog with, a heartfelt THANK YOU for all the support you gave me this past year – I am truly humbled appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Let’s begin, this month was another special one, as I got to go and work on the “HAPPY ISLAND” of ArubaI’ve worked hard for the past few years to get clients to go and it finally happened!! While it was mostly business for me, it was a pleasure trip for my husband, who joined me. What an incredibly beautiful, peaceful place and YES an amazing time was had by all. I can now see why they call themselves “THE HAPPY ISLAND”.

Also, should you want to read more on ARUBA please go to my TRAVEL TRENDS weekly blog and read all about it – here is the link:

1st Hustle –> back in YUL, I managed/executed 9 (yes, NINE) Corporate Holiday/Christmas parties. And no, I did not do this alone …. when it come to times like these, I can humbly thank the team that helped me make it happen; freelance workers and suppliers of course!!  This means that I can simultaneously, work, finalize upcoming client programs and contracts for the new year(s).

2nd Hustle –> School, it’s a wrap and we’re on winter break. Must point out that this session I was gobsmacked overwhelmed with the thank-you notes and gifts from my students…. LOVED it …   ❤

However, before wrapping it all up for the year…  I was asked to collaborate/help on College Lasalle’s holiday staff party. This year, it was their first attempt on a sit-down meal and the first time they acknowledged their staff and/or teachers with awards …  sort-of Oscar night themed evening. It was a smashing success… Side note: not easy working the logistics for 350 (strong minded) people…  😊

Once all was wrapped up for the year. It was MY turn to party. So, we organized a mini Holiday Gathering Parties here and there with my Staff, Friends, Mentees & Colleagues;

♥ Ritz-Carleton for High Tea
♥ L’oeufrier for Brunch Party
♥ Cacao 70 for Coffee + Sweets
♥ Kampai Garden for Graduation Celebration
♥ Grand Quai du Port de Montreal for Industry year end Party
♥ Four Season’s Hotel’s Marcus for Drinks

as we celebrated enjoyed our drinks/food/company, we also commiserated our strategies for the upcoming new decade!!!

All in all, December was festive and super fun. Of course, for the rest of the month too time off and spent it with family and friends …. We Ate – We Drank – We Merry …… (we also need to DIET !!!!) OUFFFFFFAAAAA  😊 😲 😊

On a personal note I want to acknowledge a few souls that where taken from us this month too soon due to their battle with Cancer – sending prayers to them and their families …

GOD BLESS and F@*K CANCER  🎗🙏💔🙏🎗

Any hoots – I cannot wait to see what 2020 will bring!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS – HAPPY NEW YEAR and tons of HEALTH to you all!

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