Just chugging along this month

Just chugging along this month

Hello everyone! Hope you have been doing well and keeping healthy and safe!?!

Myself, I have been keeping sane by increasing my walks with my dog, Ballo, and a little music that helps set the mood. I found this helps me tons, by cutting down on my anxieties and starts the day off right…

Believe it or not, I have been quite busy… I did not “work”, but I worked, if you know what I mean.

This was another “Zoom-y” FILLED month. What I mean by this is that zoom meetings are my NEW NORMAL!! Every day or every other day, I am either connecting with family, friends and/or industry colleagues. Even though it is tiering I’ve realized that this is helping me keep my sanity (thank you Technology) You see since the beginning of this pandemic I have made it a point to reach-out to them. I am a true believer in staying connected, even if we have to social distance. (it keeps us sane!!)

Yes, I am still cooking/baking tons and LOVING it!!! Yes, I have no problem being in the kitchen ‘slaving’ away for my loved ones and guests ….  it has been one of the nicest things during this pandemic – getting back into one of my many passions.

And YES, folks, my fans are asking me, “your must be ITCHING to travel, no? it must be hard to stay home…” Well, yes, I am itching and no it is not hard (love being home) … However, I have been ‘attending’ destinations virtually… Yes, Yes, I have travelled to Dubai, Ecuador, Cancun, Isreal, Cambodia, Great Britan, MexicoCanada & USA, all via Zoom in order to keep up-to-date on the new rules and regulations regarding incentive travel…

Guess what!?!?

We finally got the go ahead to get GROOMED!!!!! Whooooo Hooooo!!! Started off with Ballo my dog (OMG he NEEDED it BADLY) then myself, got me a mani and a pedi (ahhhh … you have no idea how happy my feet & hands where once they finally got some TLC). As for my hair, well I’ve have been managing, however, it too desperately NEEDS some lovin – that is booked for mid-July!!!

And amongst allllll this crazy, I got a ‘new’ used car! You see we have had 3 vehicles; I know – I know – 2 people 3 cars WHAT!?! (don’t ask) anyhow 2 out of the 3 where on their last leg (both where 20year old cars – clearly their time was up). Since we where faced with this dilemma we shopped around (online) and decided to go explore BMWs (I’ve secretly wanted this vehicle for decades). To be clear I did NOT want it for the ‘prestige’ – wanted it for the BRAND … can’t explain the attraction but I’ve always wanted one – just like I salivate when I see a motorcycle (especially a Harley-Davidson!!) but that is another story for another time….

I did my very 1st site visit (since the pandemic – mid March) at XO Productions  of course with social distancing. I’ve been invited to quite a few other venues and am still somewhat hesitant. Baby steps – basically I am on the fence about venturing out like I used too.

Speaking of venturing out; on the family front we (my parents + my brother with his crew + hubby and I) did Father’s Day celebration together with respecting the social distancing rules. It was lovely to see everyone again …. (I sooo miss my normal!!!)

Continuing on the family visits, we took the opportunity to visit my mother-in-law brought her, some groceries… But just before the visit, Hubby, and I where uber hungry and decided to have a quick bite at Chez Ma Tante   – nothing fancy but DELISH!!! For those of you that do not know this place it is in Ahuntsic, Montreal and it is a LANDMARK!! Yes, it is old-school Hot Dog joint: where you go up order and eat in your car. It has been there for over 40years and it is DELISH!!! Coincidently we did this on St. Jean Baptiste, which is one of many traditions on this day in our province to have hot dogs and fries!! That is right folks, that is was “our outing” for the month – haha!

Lastly to wrap up the month the lovely and talented Sabrina Marandola from CBC Radio called me up for an interview on her daily show regarding the status of the ‘upcoming wedding season’ during this pandemic!! It was all round fun experience… here is the audio link should you want to hear it.

Hope you have enjoyed the start of summer. See you in July!

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