To my cousin Roberto Pastuch

OUFFF this month is dedicated to my late cousin Roberto Pastuch

Happy New Year to you all!!! May 2017 bring you HEALTH and tons of LOVE!!!

As for my start, well it’s been a rough one, one of my close cousins (same age) succumbed to liver cancer, @#$%^&*! Sorry but I needed to let it out … Cancer is always very difficult (I know been through it myself). However to lose a loved one so young and so fast sorry this is HARD to swallow!! “ROCK ON Robert ROCK ON”

Ok, moving forward, there was allot of work distractions to keep me busy this month.

First off I went on a three-day site visit to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; one word SPECTACULARLY SUBLIME (ok ok two words) and quite an eclectic spot, interesting to say the least.

Side Note: Gosh I am blessed, on behalf of my client’s needs I get to see and experience all this world has to offer … thanks universe (humbly).

Ok, back to Yellowknife … very rural and very naturally beautiful. You can read more about it on my weekly travel blog here is the link.

Also in the name of research and development we (Annie and I) did a few site visits this month for some of our clientele;
• Showcase 4Saison Event

• St. James Hotel site visit, including the luxurious penthouse suite, due to a client wanting to hold a private soiree there. OMG OMG no words can describe it .. one needs to see it.

• Intercontinental Hotel’s  newly renovated GRAND Ballroom – FANTABULOUS it was…

As for my teaching ‘gig’ at Lasalle College , I’m very excited this session why you ask? Well started to teach Event Marketing (new class/challenges and LOVING it)… By the Way this is sooooo my true background.


I also traveled to Ottawa for an annual conference regarding the association market.
(I will share more with you next month on this)

One silver lining to my rocky January is that my health is fine.
All is healing and I’m feeling good.
I have a check-up with my oncologist end of February.

It’s been an action-packed January, to say the least. I’ll check back with you all in February!

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