a month of EXOTICISM

(now now … get your minds out of the gutter, people!)

 Yes, I know what you were thinking when you saw the title of this blog, and no, I’m not on a  “50 Shades of Grey” high like the rest of the world (lol) and no I wasn’t referring to  “Saint Valentine’s” day either ….

I was actually referring to the exotic destinations I visited this month  “WOWISUM” of  exotic travel.

Started the month with an “EXOTIC ADVENTURE” to the absolutely fabulously over the top Emirates, also known as United Arab Emirates (UAE). Specifically Abu Dhabi  and Dubai ,  yes folks it’s all that and more. The conference we attended was mainly to meet with international suppliers. What incredible meetings they where, many partnerships/connections where established. (seriously … at this rate Montreal Event Planner will HAVE no choice but to expand Internationally).

We (client’s and I) were privileged to a personal tour guide, where she brought  us EVERYWHERE in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

– Grand Mosque– Museums
– Yas Island– Crossing the infamous Creek
– F1 Racing– Spice & Gold Markets
– Camel Trekking– Ferrari World
– Tallest building in the world– Luncheon on a Yacht
– Roller Coaster ride (FASTEST in the world)– Shopping at the infamous Malls
– Spectacular Beaches– Indoor Skiing with penguin petting

Ended our exotic travel in historical Istanbul,Turkey ;
We (client and I) were  invited to attend a MICE conference (how privileged and honored we where). Istanbul … talk about ‘walking’ into the History books … WOW what a place it was. The moment I walk off the plane I felt their history and no I am not being dramatic .. I truly felt it. Switching gears, off we went to meet and making concrete connections. Luckily we were able to squeeze in some site visits. Here are the MUST sees:

  • The Grand Bazar ; spectacularly grand and colorful (mind you if you want to buy something you HAVE to have your bargaining game on!! (these merchants are pros) …
  • Taksim Square ; the place to see and be seen  … tons of people, tons of shopping, tons of bars/restaurants, tons of whatever  you desire….
  • Bosphorus River ; splendor in it’s self here you are right smack in the middle of the Asian and European side just breathtaking thinking of all the history that went on here…

Believe it or not folks amidst all this adventure travel, I still managed to close a few more local corporate contracts including two more weddings. Also am working on two more client Incentive programs;  one for this coming year and another in 2016 (makes a total of eight Client Incentives Program for the next two years … WOW) …

As if that wasn’t enough; the EMSB  (English Montreal School Board) asked me to meet and greet some high school students for Career Exploration Day. These students were interested in the Events Industry … it truly was an honor; like I always say I Aspire to  Inspire

I also continue to give Event Management classes; online at  iLasalle  and as night courses at Lasalle College .

Yes Yes I know you are wondering; [how does she do it??] … well sometimes I too wonder the same thing … I guess I LOVE this too much … just don’t stop to think about it … I just do it…

This was my February. Hope your month was just as adventurous!

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