Busy moi … NEVER !!!!

Busy moi … NEVER !!!!
(she said sarcastically)

October came and went in the blink of an eye, and added to this it was an emotionally taxing month as well;

Started off the month working in Toronto with an Association client’s AGM (Annual General Meeting). That weekend (well half of it, happened to be my Birthday weekend). Because I was working, I clearly could not properly celebrate.

Ohh but no worries, my friends spoiled me rotten and I managed and organized a nice birthday celebration the following weekend; it started with a night stay at the SPECTACULAR Quintessence Hotel situated not too far from Mont-Tremblant. (if you don’t know this place I implode you to)

After our 24hr R&R we headed home to change and get ready for our soiree at the Montreal Casino enjoying supper and cabaret show called QUEENS on Tour  … OMG you have to see it it’s FABULOUS and the food is SUBLIME…. GOOD GOD I forgot how much I enjoyed live shows!!!

Side-Note: it’s such a nice place for Corporate Holiday Office parties. (just sayin)

So that was a whirlwind Friday and Saturday… then when Sunday came around.. off I left for Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the annual educational conference for Incentives Programs. Which was quite enriching at all levels.. one of them was that I earned my Event Design Certification. BOOM!!

Once back, my trusty partner (and mentee) in crime, Annie Sioufi, spoiled me with a surprise Birthday Celebration at the newly opened High Tea experience at the Montreal Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

And funny enough once again (in the midst of all this) I closed a few more contracts and did a few site visits. I’m starting the think I should travel more – ‘cause I seem to close contracts while I’m away! (things that makes me say mmmmm)

Special Mentions to:

♦ Chateau Vaudreuil new owners and big fabulous changes to come

♦  Vignoble du Ruisseau worth the trip chin chin – WOWZER

Once back from Vegas I immediately jumped in and gave the WPIC Wedding Certification  course that following weekend in Montreal.

Then threw myself into sourcing, coordinating, executing more client programs and too boot did some detailing on all the upcoming Corporate Holiday Parties I have in the works.

Once that week passed, BOOM, I flew off for the weekend to Halifax for another WPIC Wedding Certification course to up and coming future wedding planners.

As soon as I got back from Halifax, I had 24hours to get ready for my week of adventures in Guatemala .. OMG what a COUNTRY it is WONDERFUL and the POLITEST people I’ve encounter thus far!!! And the FOOD again GOOD GOD just SUBLIMENESS. You can read more about this place upcoming on my weekly Suburban News Online Travel Blog. Keep an eye out for it here is the link: http://www.thesuburban.com/blogs/travel_trends/

Upon my return from Guatemala, I closed off the month, with a trip to the Glen Hospital at the Breast Cancer Clinic . It was my 1st year anniversary since my diagnoses. Although it was a long 4 hour appointment… I was RELIEVED to get a clean bill of health! I can’t tell you how much of a relief that was – huge weight off my shoulders… (next one is in 3 months)

Yup … as you can see I was ‘not’ busy at all this month… Looking forward to a quiet November ….  (maybe not)

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