Hey wait – where did February go?!

Hey wait – where did February go?!

Wow, what a month. I mean, I know it’s the shortest month of the year, but February really flew by! It came, and it went, and I didn’t even see it!

Started the month with certifying future wedding planners here in Montreal, with WPIC , which is always inspiring and fun. Lots of great students (soon to be certified wedding planners). It’s amazing on how the way the wedding planner industry is growing – it’s full speed ahead big time!

We also, executed three corporate client events this month, including incentives programs. BOOM this division is still GROWING at warp speed.

Also because, it is the season we attended few wedding and industry trade shows like Le Coeur Boheme.

FINALLY celebrated very late Christmas party with Annie (it was re-scheduled a few times due to our storms in January). We took full advantage of our self-indulging spa treatment at Ovarium SPA , which I highly recommend!

I’ve been working on a few larger projects happening at the World Trade Centre here in Montreal, I’ve been mandated to work/collaborate on a ‘trade show’ like event for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) agency. It’s the third edition of this event, and I’m honored/excited to be on board as a Brand Ambassador. It’s really where our industry is going!

The team is full-on working on a fundraiser; Shades of Pink to benefit cancer patients’. All the donations will be for the CURE FOUNDATION . It’s our first edition and it’s going to be lots of fun. We’re so excited.

February 4th being World Cancer Day  – my editor of the Suburban News Online asked us bloggers it we wanted to partake in writing about our personal experiences /journeys and I did … here is the link to my article here:

On the personal side; I had a few mini reunions with high school friends whom also went through breast cancer. We brunched, chitchatted and ‘compared notes’. In a twisted kind of way it was soothing. Speaking of breast cancer, I had my three-month checkup, at the Glen Hospital Cancer Breast Clinic and all is well!

The other mini reunion was with former co-workers; David and Karen … you know it’s amazing how after so many years (25 to be exact) we just picked up where we left off …. One of the many mysteries of life.

As per every winter there was an open house at Lasalle College  for the upcoming spring/summer/fall sessions, also had speakers come to my currant classes, to share their experiences on our wonderful industry – you know even though I know these speakers they STILL inspire me and my students too.

A few discoveries worth mentioning:

Mandy’s  (gourmet salads) all I can say is #saladporn

Ryu  (Asian Resto – new kid in town) YUMMO

1909 Modern Tavern in Laval’s Place Bell #sexiness to the max

And YES, it is that time of the year; as mentioned in last month’s blog, I’m proud to be on three Judging panels once again this year!!


March is going to be madness… but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Until then, stay well!

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