It’s December roll the credits it’s a WRAP…

It’s December roll the credits it’s a WRAP

This is the last blog of the year, and what a tremendous year it was!!

Heartfelt, Thank You to all my followers and clients who have come back month after month to read my tales of adventure in being a Meeting Planner. To say the least this month was certainly one of them.

Started December, with a quick business trip to Rome, Italy. It was short, however, I managed to squeeze in a few moments of fun. Awwwwww Italia mia!!!!!

It was quite a fruitful trip, but, too short (had no time to shop). After spending two days in Rome, we headed out to a town called Trentino, Trento. This will be THE up and coming destination. It’s not far from Verona, and quite quaint. We explored the area; did tons of wine and bubbly tastings, and don’t get me started on the food, good god the food YUMMO-DELICIOUS!!!  I guess it’s normal … after all, we were in Italy. We also experienced other exciting things like; e-biking tour (electric biking) through the mountains, exploring castles, educating ourselves with the rich history of this mid-evil town. You know this trip was heavily accented on the arts. The client I have is just in love with all forms of art. Hence why we chose to discover Trentino. This town is simply rich in it; Trento is a mid-evil historical spot, quite art-centric. It is an excellent match for this clientele. Oh I forgot to mention how we got to Trento from Rome … It was by speed train. Oufff what an experience; the train was going 300 kilometres per hour and you don’t feel it.  Side note; you can read more about Trentino on my weekly travel blog in the online version of the Suburban.

Continuing the ‘it’s a WRAP’ theme; school session wound down, even though in the third week of November due to a teacher’s sickness, I was asked to take over a class that was threequarters in session. Sometimes one must do what one must do.

Ohhh let’s not forget my nine corporate office holiday parties, I coordinated and executed all in a three-day span!! Ask me if I was exhausted …. go ahead ask… ouffffaaaa. True most of them were held in restaurants so those were easy peesy. However, the others, logistics-wise, required that I needed to be there simultaneously. But, hey I LOVE this, and it turned out FABULOUS!!! Although, I will share that the day after I couldn’t walk, talk, nor think!!!  Exhausted, yes …. but wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The week before Christmas I made a point to spend it with family and friends, catching up and reconnecting with everybody due to our busy lives… Special mention and thank you to La Bullerie  for your excellent food and service. They made me look great… And if you haven’t gone there yet folks …  you should go eat there YUMMO!!

Speaking of catching up with friends. A former student Suzanna was kind enough to take me out to supper to thank me for mentoring her and helping her find her dream job… SWEET !!!

After all the festivities with the FAMIGLIA off we went to Florida for some well deserved R & R!!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and the greatest of New Years!

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