Just another manic Month-day

Just another manic Month-day

Another month living under the covid situation in my life and industry. I am making the best of it and hanging in there. It does help/encourage me when I attend industry meetings; basically, what I’m doing is staying in touch with client’s + suppliers virtually. And participate in the travel trade shows. For instance, this month I ‘virtually visited’ parts of Europe. One week I was all over Greece another week I was all over Italy and another week I was partaking in a FAM Tour exploring South Africa. YES, this makes me want to travel even more – I do miss traveling. Its kind of sort of torture at this point.

On the school front I did some mentoring and have my online classes that are coming along. I have four classes this summer session. Which equates to a grand total of 6 hours!! Very little I must say. Buy, I can not and will not complain it could be so much worse.

I am also still cooking up storms and loving every minute of it. Including my 2-hour daily walks with the dog. While listening to my music on Spotify. At this point I’m thinking: “I’m living the life” of course I miss working my events/meetings – I miss coordinating and organizing all my clients’ incentives programs. (and boy do I miss the $$$) However, for now, it is what it is!! The are still restrictions some have been lifted but we are far from back to normal. My prediction is that by the time things actually back to whatever the new normal is going to be, it will be a while … I’m guessing probably the second quarter of next year!! ☹

Due to this free time, I am finally doing some gardening!! Ohhhhh yes, I totally love gardening. I actually forgot how much I love it!!! You see before COVID I would be traveling for work all the time. So, I would not have time to get my hands dirty and garden. Now I am able to plan out my planting and do some much needed upgrading in the back yard.  How therapeutic this was, I loved, loved, loved it.

It was my mother in law’s birthday, so we celebrated it COVID Fashion. Socially distanced.

Due to all this time I have to spare I also was finally able to go up north where the family cottage is … Another, thing I missed out on due to my busy work schedule. SIDE NOTE:  I’ve missed that place sooooo much!!! I used to go there every weekend in my youth….  Hope to continue the tradition with my niece and nephew ….

Overall, another quietish month with many good things – thank the Lord because it could be so much worse….

Hope to see you and hear from you next month goodbye for now.

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