Hi everyone, oufffffaaa what a month June was….

Started quiet enough with a few typical industry destination meetings. Which I learnt so so much and it’s having me DESPERATELY wanting to travel more and more. But alas, for now it will have to be virtually. Yup we are STILL in Pandemic mode here in Canada – even though hubby and I are fully vaccinated – The Canadian government has been cautiously giving the green light and allowing some re-openings even though another variant is at large!! STILL is scary!!!

School is still forging ahead online and am LOVING it!! A few more weeks left for the summer session and then hopefully we will be physically back on campus?!? (fingers crossed)

On the personal front Hubby and I are trying to figure out some vacation time and where to go exactly… I’m pretty opened to go out west or out est within our beautiful country … all that is left to do is hunker down dates!! (yes the pandemic has effected vacay dates too) GRRRRRR!!!

However, having said this we did celebrate Father’s day with family and celebrated St. Jean Baptiste and some life’s milestones with some friends, all socially distanced of course.

Also found time to discover new spots in and around our beautiful city. Also found time to discover new spots in and around our beautiful city. Picnics along the water are a staple for hubby and I. Weather it’s along the water or in parks we truly love these escapades TONS. It is incredible how a small change of scene does wonders to the mindset. (especially since I’ve been home 24/7)

Then near the end of the month BOOM BOOM BOOM my brother rushed himself to the hospital!!!  And I went into sister help mode – tended to his every need (with the help of Mom and Dad, his kids and girlfriend) We assisted his post operation recovery… It was basically a complication from another operation he had done a few years back – WOW didn’t know that could even happen…. Live and learn!! And a few days after this, my husband gets into a car accident – it was a fender bender and he is alright, thank GOD !!! However, talk about intense moments one lives through!!! I know such as life😊..

And yes yes I’ve been cooking up storms trying new recipes and returning with old ones… I truly LOVE being Daniela homemaker !!! (and I’m a self proclaimed FEMINIST) how ironic is that !!! lololololololololo 

Well that is it for now hopefully July will full of vacation adventures that I can share with you .. stay tuned!!

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