October: A “yo-yo” type of month

It’s strange where life can take you… like a series of rides at a carnival, there are lots of ups and downs, and that was certainly true of this month.

October began with a super super fantabulous thing I discovered about our city: Tours de la Table, a company that takes you on incredible culinary walking and biking tours of our city: (diet what diet!?!)

  • That morning we went on a ‘vegan’ bike ride in the Mile-End District; the culinary adventure was all about vegetarian dishes YUMMO if I do say so myself (I’m not even a vegetarian).
  • Then in the afternoon, we went on a walking tour to experience Iberian-style food; it was all Spanish and Portuguese gourmet fare.

Ouff what a day, I left the house at 9am and didn’t get home until 9pm. It was a fabulous day for this foodie. I left blissfully full, tired and exhilarated!

The weekend after that, I went to my annual conference for Incentive Programs in Las Vegas. I arrived a little before the conference because I was invited to partake and maybe become a faculty member of CiS (Certified Incentive Specialist). They invited me to do a trial run. This is with the eventuality to join their team and be part of their faculty. This is a tremendous opportunity and I am so humbled and excited by this offer!

Because life (once in a while) jars us back to our priorities…I had to leave the conference early due to a family emergency – my father-in-law who has been very ill (he’s been hospitalized for almost six months) and finally succumbed to his illnesses that week. Yes, life reminds you that even when in the midst of being busy with work and travel we sometimes need to drop everything to be with family. My father-in-law was a wonderfully vibrant man and will be missed.

Once all this was dealt with.. I had two back to back weekends of WPIC (teaching future Wedding Planners)

  1.  In Montreal at Concordia University’s JMSB Building – what a GREAT bunch of ladies they where

2. In Halifax at the Delta Barrington Hotel – the Maritime Wedding Planners are coming … brace yourselves

Simultaneously, in the midst of all this I somehow was able to manage and coordinated three fairly medium to large client meetings:

  1. Annual Sales/Educational conference for a large IT hardware company (held at the Hampton Inn)
  2. Continuing Education congress for a large IT software company  (held at their downtown office)
  3. Annual Medial Employee Fair at McGill New Residences (usually done around mid-day)

Due to my Incentive Program business growing, I’ve gotten invited to a couple of destination management info sessions. This is where the representatives from said destinations come to town for their annual sales calls invite you to either breakfast – lunches or supper to present you their destinations:

  • Wonderful luncheon was all about the state of Texas
  • Elegant supper that was all about Myrtle Beach
  • Both times we where spoiled … YUM – MO (diet what diet!?!)

Then, just like that my month ended.

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