Wrapping things Up

What a month, of November it was.

Wrapped up a weeklong client conference… YES it was a success. I cannot take the credit for it alone … the TEAM I worked with helped TONS… they are the ROCK STARS – I’m speaking of the suppliers, without them can’t do much….

Attended another great educational conference this time here in Montreal. Love to continue my education on my industry… there is so much innovation coming and some here already … the hard part is the minute we think we got it, and we are ahead of things BAM there is something new to learn again. It is great but it also moves uber fast too that one head can spin quickly… Thanks to technology and innovation….

More meetings with my regular clients and potential suppliers. The landscape of my industry has changed soooooo much since COVID …. It’s almost like starting over and over and over again … I’m not complaining it’s just a much faster pace with short lead times … BIG adjustments in organizing these events are changing by leaps and bonds and it’s an adjustment for the suppliers too ….  I guess it’s a sign of the times.

For the school front, ended up inheriting a new class (midway through the session) class content is easy but not pleasant for the students I’m sure … I became their 3rd teacher within 8weeks …. Too boot it’s online even more difficult (very impersonal).  Moving forward tweaked and worked on midterms plus the final projects for this session… Boy it’s a lot of work however I truly truly love this sharing and educating our future workforce &/or entrepreneurs and am always humbled when they share their appreciation back … YES, I still aspire to inspire…

On a personal front continued our get-together with friends and colleagues for the holidays – it’s nice to catch up with folks before we delve into our Holiday stuff with our families… we had the honor of attending one of our good friend’s 1st grandchild’s baptism. Speaking of family, I helped get things done for my parents annual ‘snow-birding’ adventure in Florida.

See you next month…. 😊

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