October Madness

Low and behold, October came and went. Ouff what a month. In a good way super busy with all kinds of stuff.

Started of with a wonderful trip to Thailand. Yes Thailand, specifically Bangkok, Phuket and PhiPhi islands. First stop was work related in Bangkok for a client’s conference then once that wrapped up, we thought since we are already halfway around the world might as well explore the region, so we opted to go to Phuket and PhiPhi islands just AWESOMENESS.  

Should you be interested in reading more about this trip here are my travel blog links in the Suburban Paper the online version of the news:

Thailand, Bangkok: https://www.thesuburban.com/blogs/travel_trends/daniela-caputos-destinations-bangkok-thailand/article_b5dc8854-6d06-11ee-9897-6b3ce5739fba.html

Thailand, Phuket:  https://www.thesuburban.com/blogs/travel_trends/daniela-caputos-destinations-phuket-thailand/article_f8f5b9f4-772d-11ee-814e-5f2867227dc3.html

Thailand, PhiPhi: https://www.thesuburban.com/blogs/travel_trends/daniela-caputos-destinations-phi-phi-island/article_a9227854-7ccd-11ee-8a3a-5ffb35bac6d6.html

Thailand’s Food: https://www.thesuburban.com/blogs/travel_trends/daniela-caputos-destinations-thailands-food/article_d1d11ad2-8306-11ee-a511-93ef00f78908.html

With school, this session turned out to be quite busy with last minute classes assigned to my already busy schedule. Let me tell you what a learning curve it is for me … having said this I do love it.  Speaking of learning every year if my schedule permits it, I partake  at the Salon de l’education, which is basically a trade show held at the Olympic Stadium every year to offer up and coming students’ educational options for their future. Again, I LOVE doing it.  You know there are so many options for the younger generation it’s mind-blowing.  

As if that wasn’t enough, my team and I executed a few more client events and wrapped up our event conferences season all at once. Now, slowly but surely, we are reconciling all the paperwork involved;  postmortems, surveys, and everything else in between. Speaking of conferences, not only do I organize them, but I attended them too. You know not only do I love attending them because I learn new trends and applications. I also connected with my colleagues, with tons of networking opportunities these conferences offer … I LOVE my industry… 

That is all for now see you in  November….

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