And the WINNER is ?!?!?!?!

And the WINNER is ?!?!?!?!

OK, so it doesn’t quite feel like spring, but it is spring, and here’s what I did this month…

I was happy to execute two back-to-back corporate events. I also met and closed the contracts with a few future brides for 2018 with this we did some site visits.

Speaking of weddings was invited to facilitate a Wedding Workshop for a day this was fun fun fun.

Since we (Annie and I) were already on a mission to explore new venues for our clients’. We decided to get in the car and visit/revisit a few spaces. Especially since some recently underwent renovations and other changes, it goes without say, we also discovered some new spots too;

About a year ago, I had won a night stay at the GRAND DAME Le Ritz Carlton Montreal  and finally got to use it this month. I had been there a number of times for my clients’ events, however, never experienced it as an overnight guest. Goes without say the staff was superb, they treated us like royalty so much so that my husband and I had a couples massage, which was FABULOUSLY perfect.

And if that wasn’t enough, I received a lovely surprise from a supplier 2 tickets to the Impact Montreal Season Opener at the Big “O”.

And here is the part where my Blog title is explained; at the end of March, I decided to attend and fully experience the Canadian Special Events Conference and Trade Show .

A little bit of background: this where I was asked to be on the judging panel. You see last year, I just came and went. I felt I did not get the full experience. So this year I decided to invest more time and went for the FULL experience (Monday to Friday). Not only was I a judge, a few weeks in I find out I was also nominated for the Canadian Special Events Readers DigesAward in the category of Favorite Event Planner Independent!!!

WOW I was super stunned and honored for this. Reality is I knew the competition would be UBER fierce. Why?? Well I’m in Quebec and the competition was mostly in Ontario.  Understand that the market in Quebec compared to Ontario is uber small… so already my chances of winning where slim .. please I’m not being negative … I’m being realistic. Although I didn’t win, the fact that someone recognized me was a super honour. For me, I won, especially because I am a ‘small fish’ in the ocean of ‘bigger fish’. All this said I was asked to present two awards at the gala.  UBER HONOURED and HUMBLED !!!!

 (I think this means I have arrived)

Ouff so this was my Crazy March = “Marzo Pazzo” …

Hopefully Spring is truly around the corner?

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