August came and went this year. It started off with a birthday of another one of mine fabulous nieces Gabriella. She turned 19 WOW (where did the time go). Due to scheduling issues we haven’t properly celebrated Gabby’s Bday YET but we will…stay tuned.  

Speaking of celebrations, we also celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary … yup 36years – nope it does not feel like 36years … it really feels like yesterday…

Meanwhile, we did finally got to bring my other niece Arianna to the old port and have her experience all sorts of fun activities (this was part of her birthday gift).  We had her go on the Pirate Ship to experience all the possible adventures she can have there. Then we where off to ride Montreal’s Ferris Wheel and did some window shopping in and around the Old Port. It was time for lunch and boom by fluke we saw that The Grand Poutine Fest 2022 was going on and of course as TRUE Montrealer’s dove in and had poutine for lunch… YUMMO 

Switching gears, once again this year I helped coordinate the online GRADUATION Party for ilasalle (division of College Lasalle). Then the week after I coordinated the 100% in person Back to School for Teachers this time for College LaSalle Montreal .  It was fun, compared to last year here we did it in 90% hybrid. You know no matter how you slice it I just LOVE in person events. There I said it!!

The site visits are starting … how exciting!!  Had the great opportunity of going and do a site visit of the newly renovated (from top to bottom inside and out) Sheraton Laval . WOWZers super sexy good on them they did the renos during the pandemic!! Talk about taking the opportunity and turning it around to your advantage!!

Another thing to celebrate my 6th anniversary being cancer free (breast cancer).

Slowly slowly where getting back into the socializing with friends. We had a night out with the girls I love these girls they’re really become my rock. Since the pandemic we do our Facebook call every week on  Wednesdays. Just to touch base and see what’s going on with us. (they are breast cancer survivors and to boot we all went to high school together) We’ve struck up a very close and connected sisterhood.

Lastly but not least ended have short trips this month. Two business trips one to Detroit and the other to Toronto. Then we took a super short vacay to Niagara on the Lake:Detroit was a FAM trip (Familiarization tour of the city) pretty great experience overall. If you want to know more here is the link to my Travel Trend Blog in the Suburban online newspaper:

The Toronto trip was to basically receive my long awaited CMEE award 2020 for Mentor of the Year:  In 2020 I was nominated and won this award, now, because of the pandemic they could not do the proper ceremony and we recipients didn’t actually (physically) receive the plaques.  So, this year finally ok to do it … what fun it was!!!

Then about a week later we had scheduled a short but lovely vacay to Niagara on the Lake  OMG OMG what fun we had in those short days with a LOVELY bed and breakfast The Chestnut Inn

HIGHLY recommend it!!

See you all in September ….

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