It was Hurricane November this month!

It was Hurricane November this month!

What did I do this month? How about, what did I NOT do this month?! I don’t even know where to start!

November began with a visits, and food tastings at few new and renewed sexy spots:

(what I call ‘coup de coeur’)

♥  Doubletree by Hilton in Dorval

♥ SLK RD restaurant

♥ Henri Brasserie 

♥ Birks Hotel Montreal

Also attended our bi-monthly high school reunion (class of ’82), which is always fun and blows my mind on how every time we get together, it’s like, we are warped back in time (in other words, our high school years just stood still). It was St. Pius X Comprehensive High – I say ‘was’ because it got converted into a specialize culinary school… I digress….

Continuing my gallivanting, I attended a few trade shows this month;

♥ Elegant Wedding Show  first time held at the Grand Quai  it was awesome!!

♥ 1ere Salon de Cafés et Tisanes Colombiens, which was very good and small which made it intimate, and super interesting.

Got an invite to an industry holiday party, in which I was a guest (for a change) at the Sheraton Montreal. AWESOMENESS I tell you what a spread they put out for us!!! And what a great opportunity to catch up with industry friends/colleagues …

Then one of my destination partners invite us to an EXTRAVAGANZA of food experiences!!! Europa Restaurant  GOOD GOD from heaven food porn is putting it mildly!! OMG what an out of body experience. (MUST MUST MUST go) I’ve gone to a lot of restaurants but never had an experience like that before. WOWZERS!!

And last but not least (for this month anyways) I attend the annual Montreal Tourism Holiday Soiree this year it was at Le Salon 1861 (formally know as Espace Richmond)  all I got to say WOWZERS.

(side note; seems to be trending the conversion of churches into event venues)

It’s a few years now that I partake in this charity organization called Splash and Dash, an event to benefit children’s cancer, and this year’s theme was Canadian Olympic Athletes.  I’m either a “hero” or “celebrity,” so this year I was the placed as a celebrity. Also, I usually do the “SPLASH” portion which is swimming, however, this time I thought, I’m going try the “DASH” I mean how hard can it be running the laps with small children. Well OMG OMG I never again! LOL, OMG, I now can confirm I’m out of shape, I also learnt to never underestimated those kids!!! (lesson learnt, never going to dash again). Splash is my thing…

Speaking of partaking in a fundraiser, for the first time I attended with my family another charity event called The Boobie Bunch – Disco Bowling for Breast Cancer Fundraiser. What fun it was and what a great way to let loose and raise moneys to a great cause. Another side note – I also LOVED LOVED LOVED it that my brother’s family was there too (we don’t see each other as much as we’d like) …

OUFFAA is your head spinning yet?? I know mine is … and I’m writing this blog. I’m constantly surprised that I actually do all this) 😊 and yes LOVIN every minute of it!!

Ok, let’s continue; I met up with my Cancer Survivor WARRIOR WOMEN for brunch to catch up and support each other at all levels. (BTW they happen to be my high school classmates too) we do this every three to four months and it’s great.

Also, got ‘squeeze in’ some R&R at Bota Bota  with my mentee Annie. We called it our Christmas party and spoiled ourselves.

Speaking of getting spoiled Hotel William Grey sent me a gift certificate to try out their newly opened Luxurious SPA YES, I SPA’d it right away this time. Heaven sent I tell you …. (or should I say Zen Heaven)

Ohh by the way, in the minst of allllll this, I did work client events and prepared for upcoming client programs. At times we meet at their offices and plow out the infamous event logistics and details… However, occasionally, we decide to hold our meetings out of their offices for instance;

Now you may be thinking, she is doing all this I guess she wasn’t teaching this session!?!

Well allow me to clarify; YES I ALSO worked my 2nd hustle at Lasalle College . This month, by total coincidence, it was concentrated with industry speakers &/or venue/property site visits. And to boot one of my groups (I have 2 groups) of students worked on their final project which was creating and executing a REAL FUNDRASER event for the LCI Foundation. They where successful and raised $1,111.75 not to shabby considering they started with nothing!! CONGRATS to them – having a Proud Teacher Moment 😊

Speaking of education, I attended a course at the Intercontinental Montreal Hotel ; Masterclass subject on disaster preparation, not only do we need to be prepared for this more and more now a days. We always need to continue our education refine our expertise. Let me tell you I couldn’t wait till it was over!!! It the scenarios were so good and intense – it was a real eye-opener. OUFFFFAAA talk about stress… strongly encourage anyone to take a course like this!!!

Wrapping up the month was a lovely invitation from Tourism Laval  to attend a Laval Rockets  hockey game at our newly build Bell Centre Laval(my home turf). We kicked it off by starting our evening at the FANTASTIC newly opened 1909 Taverne Moderne adjacent to the hockey arena. In fact if you want to read more about my experience here is the link to my Travel Trends Blog in the Suburban News on line:

Upcoming is next month is another whirlwind of Corporate Holiday parties and two more weddings for 2018. Yes, there is TONS more to get done. However, I’ll save all that news for next month’s post!

OUFFF over and out!!! 😊

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