Semi-busy month this month.

September is one of my favorite months of the year not only because it’s my birthday but also because of the fall colours.

Regarding school, it’s business as usual, the online classes continue this semester I have five classes and I loving it.  Out of the two groups I have, one is on their last semester and the second group is brand new and I/m loving their enthusiasm!! You see when it’s brand group their eagerness and excitement is contagious. Which encourages me to share my passions and my knowledge of this beloved industry.

Yes, the Zoom/Teams meetings still going strong. The show must go on!! And it’s lovely to see my industry colleagues (even though it’s not in person yet) thriving and doing the best we can considering the situation at hand. You see unfortunately not many people have survived the COVID situation and when I say situation, I mean workwise our industry has been damaged BIG TIME to the point people have lost their jobs and/or positions have been abolished due to closures of businesses – I’m telling you the industry had taken a WOPPING hit these past few years due to the pandemic. It is a sad sad situation, for now. Hopefully, I myself could hang on to it a little longer.

It has been a fruitful month with lots of harvests; tomatoes, fruits, salads, peppers, cabbage, etc. etc… I am busy jamming and preserving all these beautiful, delish gifts from mother nature. Yum Yum!!

We also journeyed up north for a few weekends it is usually lovely however at this time of the year with those vibrant colors it is lovelier. Also, took the time to meet finally meet friends (face to face) for either brunch or lunch. What a pleasure it was. (I haven’t seen these people in person) So it was nice to do so. It’s amazing what this pandemic did to our perspectives and taught us how precious life is.

On the event planning side, I got to help out at an annual Golf Fundraiser Tournament event that was held on a Saturday at Piedmont Golf. BOY I forgot how fun these tournaments can be!!!  I also realized I was in my true element – I loved it – I also enjoyed the fact that it’s nice to not have the responsibility of running an event and help executing it with full heartedness. Yes, I love love loved it.

Still cooking up a storm. And I must confess I am STILL loving it!!!!

Wrapping up the month with my Birthday Celebration on the last day of September. This year (because we are allowed) I invited my close-knit family; my parents – my brother and his kids to celebrate. What fun it was. It had been such a long time since we gathered all together. Again, the thing the Pandemic has taught me…. 

Lastly, in early October I’m going on a FAM (familiarization tour) to Quito, Ecuador. This will be my very first business trip since the Pandemic started. I will not lie, I am anxious nervous happy excited all in one but I can’t wait. Will share my experiences next month with you.

Take care – Stay safe – Speak soon…

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