September my worlds collided (in a good way)

Remember how last month I told you that my final quarter of the year would be mental?!!
It’s so mental… you have no idea how mental it is! The rescheduling alone has become work a full time task this is usually not the norm in my day-to-day. But hey, I’ll pull through! (I’m a planner after-all)

September began with the return of school – the academic year at LaSalle College iLasalle  is off and running… turning out to be a BIG session
this fall …

This month I traveled, quite far, reached North of 60 I went to the Yukon (yes the Yukon) and people’s response was “Why?” my answer was “Why not?” There is a lot of natural untouched gorgeousness, up there and GOD it did not disappoint. While we were there, they brought us to visited Dawson City (North of 60 to be exact). This town brought me back to the GOLD RUSH Klondike era. JUST WOW, so this is how it started!!! They put us in the BEST hotel in town, were once upon a time it was THE town’s bordello that is now converted into a lovely Inn (just gorgeous!).

Got back home, stayed a day in Montreal only to turned around and fly to Vancouver for the weekend to replace a WIPC Instructor – Monica who usually does it had a speaking engagement in Jamaica.
(she too has a “rough” life)

Meanwhile, the work keeps getting done:

  • we are working on a 25th wedding anniversary that is coming up in October
  • as well as a three-day VIP conference that I won’t even be there for it (this is why one surrounds oneself with a reliable awesome TEAM) I’ll be in Halifax, but that’s another story…
  • working on the final details on a large Annual Corporate Sales meeting coming up this November
  • lastly (for now) the usual Corporate Holiday/Christmas parties are starting to trickle in

To top it off at it was my Birthday … I felt the LOVE from you all … so much so my phone died a few times that day due to the frenzy on the medias …  HEARTFELT THANK YOU again !!!
Let’s keep the momentum going! BRING IT ON October!

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