A month of “radio + activity” pun totally intended

November, the calm before the December storm… it’s been a very busy month; however a good one, and I’m super grateful for that.

I started off the month with Splash and Dash (a not-for-profit organization), as I was asked by a former student to be involved. She chose me to be her Celebrity; which, quite honestly, I was honored and humbled (this is when I realize the power of influence a teacher can have on someone). It was an event for kids who suffer from all sorts of cancers, what a wonderful experience it was for me. I chose to do the splash part, and I was so honoured to be involved.

On the Lasalle College front, the semester is winding down for the year. And as per usual I take my students to several site visits in the downtown area

I also invited a few speakers to class too help share and expand the students’ horizons.

Awesome time was had by all and THANK YOU to my collaborators.

As per every year in November I attended the Elegant Wedding Show , which is always spectacular.

I also facilitated a WPIC certification course (in Ottawa), the students there were just gems… this speaks allots for the Ottawa area populous.

I did a mini familiarization tour of Vaudreuil-Soulanges area. It was awesome to explore that area of Montreal.

Invited to facilitate an educational conference on Osteoporosis at a local health fair.

Completed another client event at the Intercontinental Hotel , which was great (as per usual).

We did a site visit in Chambly ; visited the Chambly Old Fort (so much history there who knew) this is for potential mini-festival we are bidding on.

That same day we also visited an Art Studio for a private VIP meeting happening in the new year.

As you can see we are busy busy bees finalizing and working on new upcoming client projects, go ahead ask us how excited we are.

Lastly,  we graciously were invited grand opening soiree at brand new venue located in a swanky up and coming area of town –  Le Studio Griffintown

On one last note; I feel the need to share with you my progress in my journey since my diagnosis a few months ago. The month of November I did my radiation treatments as scheduled.

The 20 treatments went well. (it was 5 days a week for 4 weeks straight) And YES I’m DONE with it!!! 🙂  I’m often asked; “how are you feeling”. I am feeling fine (of course I have my moments however I’m good) Physically I am however a little soar. The skin surface where the radiation was done to looks like a super bad sunburn.  I’m told however, it will go back to normal eventually in a few months. Look, the way I decided to look at things is it’s worth it – I want those little buggars gone and KILLED!!

Also, I’d like to ‘help’ demystify radiation and cancer. Everybody is different, and now a days cancer isn’t always a death sentence. You fight it!!!

Having said this, I don’t want people to be uncomfortable around me. And please please don’t feel sorry for me!! Should you want to ask me questions, please do so, ask away!  I’ve been very open about my health situation since my diagnosis. My main purpose for this “openness” is TRULY to help demystify things … in the meanwhile, if I can help or encourage people, GREAT!!!

Once again, I want to THANK EVERYONE for your thoughts, messages, and prayers. I welcome it all … LOVE YOUSS!

Last but certainly NOT the LEAST a MASSIVE HEARTFELT shout out to the ENTIRE TEAM at the  Glen Site Hospital’s Breast Cancer Clinique  Cedars Cancer Center what PROFESSIONALS with tons of HUMANITY in them WOWZER!!!

You guys are not only CLASS ACTS but also SUPER ROCK STARS!!!!

See you all next month!

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