April Showers…

Should bring May flowers, so I guess it’s okay.

Ouff what a busy month for me.

Started off going to Ottawa for the WPIC Wedding Planner’s Certification course … what an AWESOME group they where considering it was to be a small group of 4 and it turned out to be a perfect size of 9.

Once back in YUL, executed two on going contracts for clients; one was held at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel and the other was at Hotel 10 . LOVE LOVE working for them … I think the feeling is mutual.

Also, am working on a few fairly LARGE RFPs (request for pricing). GOD, I hope these come through (it includes Dignitaries and VIP visitors from all over the Middle East). And of course, in addition to all this, I’m doing tons and tons of detail planning.

As for my 2nd hustle: College Lasalle’s winter session came to a wrap – once again. I truly enjoy my students this winter. Looking forward to reconnecting with them this summer. And continue to watch them evolve and grow into Event Professionals …. (proud teacher moment)

I’ve been carving for some time with family and friends; we had a wonderful family gathering at Easter. My family is uber small and love to create memories with them. BTW I am not allowed to share any sort of pictures (they forbid me) …oh well I digress…

As for friends, we all have crazy schedules (and lives) so when we get together, WE get together sharing an Evening, doing Luncheon or having gone for High Tea… (priceless moments)

The last week of April, Hubby and I headed down south to Florida for some MUCH-NEEDED R&R and YES I TRIED to tune everything out. (between you and me I cannot really being self employed… however, I did attempt to cut my ‘onlineing’ to a minimum). It was great to recharge and get myself ready for the upcoming uber busy months; May/June/July/August/September/October/November/December!  (I’m sure you get the drift…)

More news to come in May … Laters Baby!

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