BUSY BUSY status kind of month – oufffaaa

BUSY BUSY status kind of month – oufffaaa

What a HUGE month it was… it has not stopped at all! I truly do not know where to begin….

Ok how about I begin on the first weekend of November; I attended the infamous Elegant Wedding Showcase with my couples (yes couples) who are getting married in 2021 never to early to start planning.

Then as per the past several years, I was once again asked to join the elite group of Celebrities/Heroes for the non-for-profit organization Splash-N-Dash. Always fun, honored and GREAT to give back for this cause!!

I then did the annual ACCRO trade show, (I am one of many PROUD Ambassadors) this is a technology trade show for event planning industry – it’s all about the future and what’s coming.

Alma (my freelance assistant) and I went on a one-day fam tour in Mont Tremblant, which was great, because, I hadn’t been in there in years. What a GREAT to rediscovery of properties new and old … WORTH the trip.

Did a semi-spa day at SPA FILANDAIS with industry friends – let’s call it our Holiday/Christmas celebration.

Attended a MEDIA EVENT; the opening of Illumi Cavalia (Laval)….  OMG OMG OMG I highly recommend it, however, be sure that you’re really bundled up. It was magically beautiful. If you want to read more about it, here is the link to my Blog.

One of my MENTEES invited me to her 2nd annual BRUNCH N TALK event at the Ritz Carlton Montreal  besides the scrumptious brunch, we also learnt quite a bit on table etiquette.

Was invited to a BRAND-NEW venue in Longueuil called Plaza du Parc another addition to the PMG Conglomerate of wonderful venues.

With clients we did a tasting at L’Hotel Rive Gauche in Beloeil later in the month for another upcoming client conference event… FUNFACT: did you know that they are the same owners of the soon to be opened property HUMANITI Hotel  in Montreal?

And with another client we went to do another tasting and site visit at Oasis Surf for an upcoming team-building program.

Invited to Montreal’s annual Tree Lighting event/ceremony – that was fun with tons of entertainment.

Another invite to another the grand opening of the second high-end housewares store called Maison Lipari OMG OMG, I wanted to buy it alllll….

In regards to upcoming projects (I always mention) opportunity is knocking!! Had several meetings for large projects in 2020 – very exciting stuff, to give you a glimpse;

♥ with the delegation from Korea to work on and upcoming Incentive program, we strategized details over
a FANTASTICLY delish typical Korea BBQ meal in our own Chinatown – YUMMO!!

♥ with another delegation from Mexico this time we are collaborating, on bringing select planners from all
over Mexico for a 3-4-day conference here in Montreal. This, my friends is to help them open up the market here in YUL

♥ and of course, there is more – I just can’t talk about it yet … (shhhhh)

Squeezed into all this activity, we had our bi-tri-monthly mini High School reunion St. Pius X Comprehensive High School.  Along with my usual Mentoring/Power Breakfast/Lunches and Details meeting with colleagues, clients and former students. LOVE MY WORK and PAYING IT FORWARD!!

Speaking of students, I invited PR GURU, Petrona Joseph to come speak at one of my classes… Well, she then took over and organized a panel of influencers… WOW WOW WOW she taught the students (and I) the importance of social media INFLUENCERS on how/what needs to be incorporated into our future events… this was not only successful but EYE-OPENING!!!! This INFLUENCER thingy is REAL folks!!

Continuing with my 2nd Hustle we (the students and I) went to do some site visits;

♥ Centre Mont Royal Conference Centre (CMR)

♥ GoHideSeek, a really cool pop-up on St. Denis. It’s for both adults and kids I primarily went with my students
(mostly as a stress-reliever) due to their upcoming Final Project Fundraiser Event at the end of this month…
We ALL had a blast. (and a TON of tension was released)

♥ Also as per every year, I participated at College Lasalle’s usual Open House/Portes Ouvertes

Speaking of my ROCK STAR students and their Fundraiser FINAL PROJECT – all I have to say is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW… it NEVER FAILS… it is MINDBLOWING to me how these humans pull it together with NOTHING!!!!  GOOD-GOD-IN-HEAVEN!!!  This time they chose the non-for-profit organization called GRIS Montreal  – CONGRATS to my wonderful HUMANS what a success it was!!!

Wrapping up the month I attended Tourism Montreal’s Holiday party. Always a PLEASURE to see (my Event Peeps) everyone in our industry on a social occasion for a change…

And YES, folks I actually managed to put up my own Christmas tree this year – even though I was EXTREMEMLY busy…(un fait accompli)

So as you can see November was utterly busy, (I don’t even know how I do it) ohhyyyyyy 😊 😲

Let’s see my blog next month will be all about!

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