Cold Sores, Sinus Infection and non stop Eczema Flare-Ups; this is my “Glamorous” life

I started off the month with a BANG!!
The team and I did nine fairly large client events in four days (yes you are reading correctly nine in four).

OMG, although we are no strangers to back to back to back events, this I guess, was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. What do I mean? Well it resulted that my body was ‘telling’ me to JUST STOP … hence the title of my blog this month. I guess my adrenaline was masking the fact that I had been accumulating exhaustion, little by little to the point where all hell broke loose. Basically, my body desperately needed me to pay attention to what was going on and decided enough is enough!! Picture this, it’s Friday the morning after the mental week of successfully executed client events. Things where calm and serene, I was pretty content (but tired) with everything and then BOOM, my system started breaking down; BOOM the start of eight cold sores on my upper lip with an additional two on my bottom lip. BOOM, one wicked sinus infection started, BOOM, the eczema (that I’ve battling since September) just exploded into a heck of an outbreak all over my face, neck and hands (you can imagine how ‘sexy’ I looked). To boot, as the weekend progressed and my ailments where getting worse and worse. The following Monday, I was scheduled to leave for few days (with clients) on a site visit tour to the Dominican Republic. Yup, I showed up at Toronto’s Airport meeting the clients a total mess… (you can imagine how embarrassed I was) .. OUFFA .. (my timing sometimes is so spot on – NOT). Regardless of my ‘situation’, the site went extremely well so much so, that I closed the deal (YES!!). I need to thank the FANTABULOUS staff at the Barceló property in Punta Cana, with their help and top-notch hospitality. You can read all about their service and our experience on my weekly Travel Blog. I write a column for the Suburban’s online edition, yes I do that too, here is the link.

Later in the month, I attended another gala. This time it was the Ottawa Wedding Awards Show. Again, I was a judge for that and it was a fabulous affair! People were dressed to the nines, there were 400 guests, WOW, good on you Ottawa’s Wedding Industry not only are you celebrating and recognizing your own, but, you guys know how to P A R T Y.
Side Note: Montreal Wedding peeps when do we or will we do the same?!?! I digress… Due to the timing, of this awards show, it so happened to be the weekend that I was scheduled to be in Ottawa to certified future wedding planners with WPIC , because of this I decided to turn it into an extra long weekend with hubby. (even though I worked most of it) #lifeofaplanner

Speaking of the Montreal’s Wedding Industry; spontaneously an outing was created and to everyone’s shock most of us where able to attend the Monday evening bowling party. YES we BOWLED and it was AWESOME!!! Think about it … this was a feat in itself, the fact that everyone and I mean approx. 200 people (that is 90% of the industry) were able to convene under one roof on the same night is UNHEARD of and a FIRST. We were all collectively joking that all of our clients were being neglected that night because we were all to busy BOWLING.. No events going in Montreal that day!! You know it still baffles me. There were planners, suppliers, photographers, caterers, florists, DJs, Venues, etc… – basically la crème de la crème de la crème were gathered together and had a BLAST. We work hard, so when we party, we definitely party harder … Hope this is going to be yearly thing. (you reading this Adam & Lindsay?!?)

By now one would think reading this month’s blog that this is it … right?? … Well no, I have more to share …. I’m telling you it has NOT STOPPED.. so please bare with me a little longer.

Wanted to give a special mention to some discoveries I’ve made; invited to partake in the VIP Experience for the new Cirque du Soleil show LUZIA . OMG OMG what a show … there is a contortionist in the show that is so riveting O M G!

As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I am working on a few contracts (yes I have time for that too), one of them ‘required’ me to travel to Charlevoix, Quebec (let’s call it a ‘working’ long weekend). Well, pleasantly, I rediscovered Charlevoix. WOW it has evolved. Just FABULOUS; stayed one sublime night at Le Gremain Hotel (la Ferme) seriously you MUST GO and the second night at the Fairmount Manoir Richelieu , so REGALLY FABULOUS. I tell you, these are two completely different types of properties with the same high standards …. OMG ask me how much I love my work!! I will let the pictures tell the story….

As you can see/read, it was quite a busy month and EXTREMELY successful. Surpassing a bunch of GOALS and BROKE tons of records, in my Company’s history for the past 10 years … needless to say I’m very please and humbled with it all. WOW!!

Alright, so now we focus on May, BTW did anyone see where Spring went?!?!

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