March – Springing into travel

Hello spring (although it doesn’t quite feel like it just yet)! I visited some incredible places this month, as well as signed a few more contracts, so I have no complaints about March!

I started off the month with an awesome trip to  Anchorage, Alaska  and it was fantastic. It’s such a great place, especially for those who love the outdoors. It’s vast and there aren’t that many people but it’s amazing, with pristine landscapes. I met great people, and for some reason the whole time I was there, I kept thinking I was in Canada.

I also attended a fantastic meal at Scena in the Old Port where they have set up a cabane a sucre called Un Chef à l’érable . They have what is called a “traditional chic” menu that was very good and the atmosphere is sublime. Everyone should check it out. It ends in April.

Once again this year I traveled to Istanbul,Turkey which was such a fabulous city! It was my second time there but this time, I got to see a lot more of what this city has to offer this time around. It was really great.

This week I’ve been doing a lot of final prepwork for three upcoming events in April – and YES they’ll basically take place back to back to back, story of our lives #lifeofaplanner … And with the graciousness of the universe. I’ve signed a few more incentive clients this month too. (YEAH BABY)

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned last month, I had the honor of participating as one of the distinguished judges for infamously (CSE) The Canadian Special Events Show . Like WOW that was AWESOME (and what a humbling experience). Ok, in case you don’t understand the grandeur of this, let me put it in perspective for you; a company like mine (from Montreal to boot) to be seeked out and then to be asked to join Prestigious Panel of Judges  ( amongst all peers across this country) is quite a flattering. I’m still reeling in it ….

See you soon!

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