Happy Birthday… to me!

September is always a great month. After all, it’s my Birthday month!

It goes without say that work needs to get done, so after much preparations this month I got to finally execute a few of my corporate and association clients’ programs (a.k.a. events).
One was in the beautiful city of Ottawa; it was a oone-day educational forum for a Technology client (basically an in-and-out thingy) however, being a business woman, and always looking out for the next contract I took advantage of the trip and did some sales calls and hotels/venues site visits the day after. Ottawa region is really building up for me.

I came back to Montreal stayed overnight and left to execute a 3 day Annual Conference (AGM) program in Toronto for an Association client. This went pretty smoothly thanks to the help of the great team at the Chelsea Hotel .

I’m also working on a few upcoming weddings for 2017, and was awarded a fairly large Corporate (1 weeklong conference) contract that I will start work on soon even though it’s due summer 2017. It’s exciting because there’s a lot of organic business happening for me in Ontario. My hard work is truly paying off. (thanks universe)

Found some time with Annie (my trusted freelance partner in crime) to spend a day for a road trip visiting the South Shore and some of its surroundings. We were on the hunt for spaces and activities for upcoming client programs. Ended up in La Roue du Roi  found in Hemingford, Quebec; where we did a trap-shooting team-building like activity. This is AWESOME activity for 2 of my clients. They will LOVE it and it was very cool for us to experience it!!

Since its September everything kind of “restarts” after the summer holiday break:
which means participating in a few industry events like; networking / galas / educational forums etc… all held during this time in different venues. And of course the usual back to school process. Basically it’s a back to everything month.

Can you believe it?! I actually was able to enjoy some time for myself. I mean solid weekend to myself!! Of course, I took advantage and got back to the basics; I really enjoying the harvest season. What I mean by this is the ‘harvest cooking and jarring’. You have no idea how much I LOVE this and I’ve missed it.

Finally, a quick update on my Breast Cancer diagnosis: Doctors got the results back from my operation and it was decided I’m going to get radiation treatment … it is estimated that the duration will be the entire month of November. And then we’ll go from there.

Once again I wanted to send out a heartfelt humble THANK YOU to you everyone who reached out since I mentioned it last month. I’m keeping a super positive attitude and planning to be a WARRIOR.. (quote from my good friend Ilana)

Ok it’s time to celebrate me … MY BIRTHDAY !!!
 “ Garçon Garçon apporter une bouteille de votre meilleur champagne s’il vous plait!!! “

See you in October!

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