So that we’re clear…

It might have looked like I was busy busy busy with certain things this month, like teaching and more teaching, and while that was true (it was a month that was very heavy on education). Please understand I had a lot of other things going on too.

Let me explain:
As most of you already know I’ve been teaching at Lasalle College  for years now (seven, to be exact), and I also certify future Wedding Planners from the wonderful WPIC weekend program. Granted I have been tweeting a lot lately about this.

However, you all have not seen all of the other work that I’m doing behind the scenes for my Montreal Event Planner company:
My (freelance) team and I have been BUSIER than usual working my corporate client programs. I unfortunately can’t tweet much about it due to a NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) I’ve signed. So understandably I cannot show pictures nor can I tweet about their inner workings. I can (and am) mentioning it now. Not only did we do several Corporate client programs, in addition, we also executed portions of a city wide Pharma Health Fair exhibitions.

This year I had to hire more help for longer than the norm (yes it is a GREAT problem to have). Even though I did facilitate and organize all the logistical aspects of these Annual Sales Meetings, I wasn’t able to physically be there during the client program execution process, due to them all happening with in the same week. So, this is what went down: hired teams to simultaneously execute my clients Annual Strategic Sales meetings in Quebec City, in the Eastern Townships and in Mont St-Saveur (all of which were 2-3 day long conferences). Excellent teamwork – BRAVO to them !!

In the midst all of this, I had the privilege to attend a one day FAM tour of Laval . It was nice to get reacquainted with my growing city.

Also took advantage of a standing invitation to spend some time at a SPA (yes I was able to “steal” some downtime for a weekend). The invite came from Eastman Spa  … ahhh, it was sublime all wrapped up in nothingness and relaxation. A very much-needed rest even though it technically was research for work.

To cap off the last weekend of November, off to Ottawa I went to certify (yes more teaching) a few up and coming WPIC’ers (a.k.a. Wedding Planners)… I just LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this and of course LOVE you too Ottawa

Going back to the classes I give, I need to thank all the vendors whom graciously took time out of their busy schedules to allow my students to visit their wonderful properties, and let us not forget the AWESOME and inspirational industry speakers who came to share their passions about our beloved industry. HUGE HUGE SHOUTOUT to them:

Venue Visits for my classes

Centre Mont Royal
Ritz Carlton

Loews Hotel Vogue
Atelier d’Argentine
Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Hotel 10
PMG Group La Plaza Downtown

Special Guest Speakers for my classes

Nathalie Mailhot
Public Speaking Coach

Tony Picciuto and Randi Katz
from The Directors Band

Michael Jordan Sciortino
from XO Production

Sybille Brault
from Tourism Montreal

Adam Bultz
from C3Events

Brahm Mauer
from Brahm Mauer Bar Services

Rachel Stephan
from Senov

George Thomas
from George Thomas Entertainment

I’ve been working on three new client projects and five more Incentive Programs for the New Year. (YEAH BABY !!)

Next on the menu is office holiday parties galore (almost one a week), but wow, is it going to be fun! Tell you about it soon!!

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