A LOVE-ly and busy February

A LOVE-ly and busy February

Happy February to all my readers! I hope you have had a great, productive month, you stayed warm, and you had a LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day. We celebrated by ordering in some sushi. YUM YUM!!

I’m still teaching at College Lasalle even though my hours DRASTICALLY were reduced due to lack of student signing up for certain programs. Oh well this is my reality right now.

Speaking of teaching and loving it … I spontaneously got some student love – it’s nice to be appreciated…

Even though my teaching hours got cut, I am busy with special projects that the school requires help on.  Because of this, I am pretty much keeping busy and to my surprise learning another type of hustle: Coaching our future entrepreneurs!! There is one thing I’ve come to realize during this pandemic – one never knows the opportunities that are out there, it just takes us to be opened enough to welcoming them, even though I do not know where this is heading. However, I do know these are great opportunities, and I am loving the journey!!

Then BOOM one day to my surprise, one of the committees I sit on asked if I’d partake in emceeing the virtual event we are working on? And of course, I accepted (I mean how cool is this!!)

This emceeing ties into the Global Student Entrepreneurship Contest we are currently coaching them on. It is an international competition, done every year, for up-and-coming young (student) Entrepreneurs and Lasalle College is one of the many colleges participating in this! FUN FUN FUN!!

A bit of background: this competition happens every year and to put it in perspective the approach is very much like the TV program Dragon’s Den &/or Shark’s Tank, only difference is at the collegial level.  I’m excited and honored to have been through the process with them.

Speaking of emceeing – guess what… I was asked if would like to co-host an upcoming workshop for one of MPI Ottawa’s virtual events. And I did…

Come to think of it, mmmm, is the universe trying to tell me something??

Will my new hustle be emceeing? And or Coaching Entrepreneurs? Stay tuned….

Ok ok I digress… and as it has become the norm (for now).  I have attending several virtual industry meetings. Yes, folks, I NEED to keep up with all the changes/transformations my industry is living right now. And of course, it is nice to re-connect with my industry peps from all over the world.

Small side note: normally these meetings are held at the actual destinations like Hawaii – Croatia – Cape Town – New York – Arizona – etc. you get the picture and since we cannot travel, it is now all done virtually…. (ohhhhhh how I miss traveling… sigh)

Yup, I’ve continued to cook and am now exploring new recipes – trying to get out of my comfort zone. With all the restraints happening we need to challenge ourselves at times.

And because February is a uber busy Birthday month for our families. We celebrated, at a distance, my Hubby – Nephew – Cousins and Uncles all via Zoom/Messenger.

On a personal note, I will share that I am starting to become a mush-brain… lol… BOY I can’t wait for spring so I can get out more and change the scene. I guess like most people, I’m just going through the motions and taking things day by day, yes, I am UBER UBER thankful and grateful with things right now…  Because I am aware that it can be so much worse.

With this in mind I wrapped up the month with a WONDERFUL surprise from a ROCK STAR REMAX Real Estate Agent Salvatore Orfeo, you see, to thank me for a few referrals I sent over to him. I received a GOURMET DELISHOUSNESS of a gift basket … YUMMO…

Stay healthy and safe, my friends, and see you in March!

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