Trying / Challenging / Triumphant

I will not lie it’s been quite a challenging month professionally and personally.

Professionally because there are STILL clients out there that really do not understand what we planners do. The worst part is that they have their own ideas of our profession even though ‘we’ constantly have to explain and re-explain it.  I’m not mad about it is just so so sad that although Montrealer’s are sooo ‘avantgarde’ and yet they STILL don’t get what a Meetings/Event Planner does for a living … maybe they don’t want to get it. Solution is simply being patient and constantly educating them. Venting over…. 😊

Now on the personal side of things this year has been quite challenging with the many passings of many Family – Friends – Co-workers etc.… it’s an average of 1 or 2 per week – yes you are reading correctly. What is going on!!! OUFFFFAAA. talk about facing my own mortality.

Back to my work, been working hard on several corporate events, either on upcoming holiday celebrations and/or company anniversaries. I’m glad to see that people are willing to just celebrate… From 30 people to 300 people, it’s pretty cool that the COVID fear is slightly over – overall… Needless to say I’m lovein it. Speaking of events, I will share that the logistical part is always challenging in any given circumstances.

HOWEVER, at the moment OMG OMG OMG it’s all about uber short timelines, which is doable but, on the flip side the shortage of labour and supply chain is UNBELEIBALY nuts… and this is what makes our challenging job even MORE challenging… Keep telling myself we got this!!!  

After some negotiating, I finally got approved to join the organizing team of COP15 . It is a very exciting here in Montreal. We are welcoming over 15,000delegates from all over the planet. Keep in mind I am not organizing it all – no no – there are lot of parts to this event and there’s a lot of teams that go with these parts. No matter it is very exciting. With several teams already did some sites had meetings etc…  This is happening in mid-December two weeks solid can’t wait. Will definitely keep you posted.

Speaking of sites did quite a bit this month; with new hotel openings in Laval. And invited to a few relaunching of either restaurant, special event spaces etc. this translate that the industry is slowly coming back to life. The only challenge is labour shortages, that everyone is experiencing. Oufffa universe help us please.

As for other outings we managed to also go to visit friends and see a tribute band giving homage to AC/DC what fun that was…

On the Teaching front, once again this year I participated at the Education Salon held at the Olympic Stadium. It was great to see people in person and there was a nice number of attendances too. Lots of high school students coming from all over the city and beyond. Another great thing to see. The week after College Lasalle had their open house which too was a success.

So as you can read it was a mixed but busy month… Happy Halloween everyone.

Let’s see if November will be busier?!?

Laters folks…


It started off the month with finally celebrating my niece Gabby’s birthday. Her actual birthday was August 1st due to our crazy schedules (collectively) we ended up celebrating it on September 1st kind of embarrassing but paid it is. I guess this happens.

We finalized the detail work on the upcoming team building event for the emergency department doctors at the Glen hospital. And am very happy to share it was a success!! They loved it even though there was quite a bit of skepticism at first.

While all this was going on I did take the time to go on familiarization trip to Richmond BC. This was so much fun and educational. It’s nice to discover another part of Canada. I invite you to read all about it on my travel trend blog here’s the link:

Later on, in the month got do a few site visits and also attended a soiree at the newly renovated Sheraton Laval’s re-launch party – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Speaking of visits, we discover (locally) a Gin/Scotch vineyard spot. WOW I had no idea that we in Quebec can, or should I say are capable in producing this here?!? Apparently, we have the proper elements to do so… (who new) The things I’m learning…what a great spot for anyone to experience. Highly recommend it.

Since there are a few days left before the cold weather rolls around we took advantage of the beautiful days by picnicking in and around our city and reconnected with friends.

Speaking of cold weather, Hockey season has started, and my nephew team has their home opener game it was exciting… You see he is now one step closer to playing with The Laval Rockets Hockey team. For now, he is with The Phoenix, and it looks promising. Not cause he’s my nephew – but – he is an awesome defence player – hoping all the best to him and his teammates.

Wrapped up the month celebrating my birthday here’s to another year here’s to gratefulness thank you universe.

See you all next month


August came and went this year. It started off with a birthday of another one of mine fabulous nieces Gabriella. She turned 19 WOW (where did the time go). Due to scheduling issues we haven’t properly celebrated Gabby’s Bday YET but we will…stay tuned.  

Speaking of celebrations, we also celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary … yup 36years – nope it does not feel like 36years … it really feels like yesterday…

Meanwhile, we did finally got to bring my other niece Arianna to the old port and have her experience all sorts of fun activities (this was part of her birthday gift).  We had her go on the Pirate Ship to experience all the possible adventures she can have there. Then we where off to ride Montreal’s Ferris Wheel and did some window shopping in and around the Old Port. It was time for lunch and boom by fluke we saw that The Grand Poutine Fest 2022 was going on and of course as TRUE Montrealer’s dove in and had poutine for lunch… YUMMO 

Switching gears, once again this year I helped coordinate the online GRADUATION Party for ilasalle (division of College Lasalle). Then the week after I coordinated the 100% in person Back to School for Teachers this time for College LaSalle Montreal .  It was fun, compared to last year here we did it in 90% hybrid. You know no matter how you slice it I just LOVE in person events. There I said it!!

The site visits are starting … how exciting!!  Had the great opportunity of going and do a site visit of the newly renovated (from top to bottom inside and out) Sheraton Laval . WOWZers super sexy good on them they did the renos during the pandemic!! Talk about taking the opportunity and turning it around to your advantage!!

Another thing to celebrate my 6th anniversary being cancer free (breast cancer).

Slowly slowly where getting back into the socializing with friends. We had a night out with the girls I love these girls they’re really become my rock. Since the pandemic we do our Facebook call every week on  Wednesdays. Just to touch base and see what’s going on with us. (they are breast cancer survivors and to boot we all went to high school together) We’ve struck up a very close and connected sisterhood.

Lastly but not least ended have short trips this month. Two business trips one to Detroit and the other to Toronto. Then we took a super short vacay to Niagara on the Lake:Detroit was a FAM trip (Familiarization tour of the city) pretty great experience overall. If you want to know more here is the link to my Travel Trend Blog in the Suburban online newspaper:

The Toronto trip was to basically receive my long awaited CMEE award 2020 for Mentor of the Year:  In 2020 I was nominated and won this award, now, because of the pandemic they could not do the proper ceremony and we recipients didn’t actually (physically) receive the plaques.  So, this year finally ok to do it … what fun it was!!!

Then about a week later we had scheduled a short but lovely vacay to Niagara on the Lake  OMG OMG what fun we had in those short days with a LOVELY bed and breakfast The Chestnut Inn

HIGHLY recommend it!!

See you all in September ….


July was a great month. It started off with one of our niece’s birthday Arianna she turned 13. For a change of pace, we took her to a butterfly exposition BFLY – which is basically an area where we see the butterfly’s life spans, where their born to fully grown wonders. these little creatures are definitely a wonder and what a fun experience for Arianna and even ‘funner’ for us too.

As I’ve mentioned in the past months, things are starting up again on the Event side of it. My business went from 0 to 1000 in no time got 6 new client/contracts. WOWZERS!!  From office parties to client/employee appreciation to BBQ and Company anniversary to list a few …. And every request was themed “we just want to CELEBRATE and want to CELEBRATE NOW!!!” All these new corporate clients basically couldn’t wait to let their hair down and PARTY!!!  It’s nice to get back into it – this time it’s in WARP speed.

On a personal side July is also a busy month of family birthdays: my brother’s – my mom’s and as mentioned before my niece. So of course, we all gathered to celebrate them – it’s nice to get together with the family.

Speaking of get togethers we had our very first wedding (in 20ish years) Yes yes I have organized/coordinated and worked on weddings. However, this time, we where guests. I think it’s been at least 20 years or so that I did not have to work a wedding. This one was to celebrate a friend’s union. We had fun, it was a beautiful and a wonderful experience…especially after the COVID situation with all the restraints. It was nice to gather in a large group and celebrate with them.

This is a nice segway to large festive gatherings, we went to the Montreal International Jazz Festival . It FINALLY opened up after 2 years in hiatus. A friend in Ottawa couldn’t make one of the shows, she reached out and offer me her 2tickets to the Collin James concert. I couldn’t refuse. We ended up seeing our first concert (in YEARS). It was also nice walking the streets of downtown – even though they were crowded. Confession, it did feel a bit weird because you know after covid one is not used to crowds anymore… but we quickly got over it and blended in.

Of course, in between all this we took advantage of the beautiful July days to either go up north to my parents’ cottage or having picnics along the waterways near our place. Since summer is soooo short here we love love love these small get aways That is July in a nutshell. See you next

My perfect start to summer

Happy summer everybody!

I’m so glad that the summer sun is finally shining down on us. I hope your enjoying it so far. I know I am. This month was a very family-oriented one. much drama, good and bad. Adding with lots of planning of events and attending weddings (finally).  

It has been really nice to get back into the swing of things. The vibe of socializing and equally going back to working client events. The month started with a business trip to Prince Edward Island. WOW is it ever spectacular there! It’s my fourth time going, and I NEVER get tired of this destination… What a lovely way to kick off June and get back into to the swing of things.

I also encountered something everyone dreads when it comes to technology: I was hacked!! YES, folks it happened – OUFFFFFAAAA… My Instagram account was unfortunately hacked, and I lost everything, from my posts to all my loyal followers. I need to start over again because of it.. despite me reporting it to the Instagram Gods….  If you would be so kind, please follow me on this newly created account: montreal_event_planner – please follow me and I’ll be sure to follow back. Thank You… As per usual I regularly post everything from photos of my events to inspirational quotes. See you there! Taking some time off here and there; we go either up-north or on daily picnics along the back river here in town – afterall Montreal is an island and it’s surround by water specifically Rivière des Prairies and the St. Laurence River… love it …

On the teaching front, at College Lasalle. I am still in the midst of the summer session. This is where I teach about our beloved industry. Also been mandated to start the work on helping put the back to school event for the teachers and administration including the online graduation events all for mid August. Yes it’s looks like we are back with events!!!

All this to say it is in fact getting back to normal …. slowly and steady…

Looking forward to more fun in the sun in July – I’ll be back in a few weeks!

Springing into May with travel and events

Spring has most certainly sprung (for me anyway) and it was a surprisingly busy month of May, I’m grateful and pleased to share.

The universe has graced me with clients and other opportunities this month, which I am full of gratitude and grateful.

Ended the winter session at Lasalle College and within weeks I started the summer one. Another thing I’m grateful for.

Another thing I’m grateful for was local trade shows are starting up again too what a PLEASURE this was to attend… now you may say: “Daniela it was a pleasure to attend a Trade show REALLY??” I will reply “YES after two years it is nice to reconnect with my peers and share COVID war stories…

Let me tell you more about the upcoming corporate events I’m facilitating:

  • excited to facilitate a corporation to celebrate their 75th Anniversary, BBQ style casual and fun
  • executed a brand-new office opening for a new client with all the elegance required
  • working on the logistics of an upcoming wedding in old Montreal – finally happening
  • just got back from two FAM trips with the hope to turn them into Incentive Programs for my existing clientele

This is to share with you a few things I have there is much more to come in the books… looks like a busy season. Everyone wants to let loose and PARTY FINALLY!!! (can you blame them??) As I mentioned before that I travel to a destination this month. It’s not my first trip since COVID hit. The industry is slowly coming back to life (very slowly and cautiously).

People asked me so how was it going to Puerto Rico? I have to say, it was a bit like having an out of body experience. It was great and it was nice to see people ‘live’. However, it I did realize how sheltered we where/are in Canada!! In regards to the restrictions on masking and all the other rules that accompanied it. (in hein site I did appreciate) Being in another space was refreshingly liberating and a reminder of  how normal everything can be again. It was nice to be in a space where the restrictions were nonexistent. However, I do confess, I was STILL concerned… if almost felt like a Twilight Zone moment!

I have to say: I am so happy to see that the events industry is coming back slowly but surely.

See next month ..

FINALLY coming back 😊 ❤ 😊

Hello, my faithful readers!

I am back…. FINALLY!

I hope you’ve been keeping well and enjoying the first glimpses of summer.

Well, April came in like crazy!

I was lucky enough to have all kinds of events going on:

  • Organized a client appreciation / office opening
  • Invited to several Industry luncheons
  • Attended an annual Industry trade show in Ottawa
  • Helped coordinated a bowling fundraiser for autism
  • Site Visits for upcoming client events

YES, I’m back baby !!!!

Easter Sunday was spent quietly cause my nephew had a hockey tournament out of town, but we managed to get together with the family on Palm Sunday instead and it was so nice to spend time together

I wrapped up the winter session at Lasalle College. I also coordinated a few end of session live events for the school;

  • Final Project presentation with Final Exam supervision
  • Annual regional Entrepreneurial contest
  • Tourism Final Project on Indigenous tourism and culture
  • Online annual Graduation Party

That’s my month of April and May is shaping up to be just as wonderfully busy! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my happenings, so stay tuned…

Crazy with Freedom

March has been more of the same (but a little Pazzo) crazy.

For the first two months of the year lot of schoolwork adjustments due to new courses assigned and tons of organizing/reorganizing client programs. And of course, attending zoom &/or team meetings has not stopped, nor has it slowed down. What I am saying is that online meetings are here to stay. Don’t get me wrong it is what it is, and yes, it’s interesting to see this shift in the industry (it was a long time coming). However, this movement of re-organizing or re-thinking things are still an adjustment for all of us pandemic or not.

I am hoping that the next quarter or maybe the beginning of 2023 begin to be a little more stable when it comes to Incentive travel. In the meantime, my clients and I will have to wait and see. While we do this, we are focusing on national travel options. Site visit started and that was fun. Got invited to 2 newly revamped venues and was lucky enough to ‘break bread’ with some colleagues. It was nice to see them in person and catch up on our new normal.

On the school front I’m keeping quite busy, beside the classes I give, I am also getting busier with those committees I mentioned to you last month. The event dates a coming due and as one knows the details are the things that keeps us on our toes and busy.  Also, continued my class speaker series and had more industry speakers come to the classes and inspire the future Entrepreneurs and Tourism Experts of this world.

Was invited to do a pod cast  interview with a Retreat Guru. WOW LOVE the experience and the concept.

It’s been a month of celebrating friendships and re-connecting with everyone in the industry. Now that the restrictions have been lifted, we are more encouraged to go out to restaurants or cafes and socialize. AHHHHHH what a pleasure this was to be out and about….

Yes the month of March is crazy but, as bad as it once was and you know what I really do not miss that. Let’s see what April will bring … see you next month.

Let’s Party Month 

This month was a festive month I have my husband’s – nephew’s – both uncles in Italy’s and several friends’ celebrating their birthdays. So, ask me if we celebrated? YES, of course we did. And since most restrictions are being lifted very slowly (for now) things are getting back to ‘normal’. Meaning we either gathered at home with family or went out for supper with our friends… all in the spirit of celebrating them and our ’freedom’ FINALLY

On the school front, I’m teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation classes. Yes, indeed, it is different direction in the type of course I usual give, but I do love it. It’s not that I don’t want to teach the event management classes anymore. It’s that there isn’t enough student enrollment to open up the program. The Entrepreneurship class is an elective for the students, which means I get to experience all the different student profiles from different said programs. Surprisingly it motivates me, it refreshes my outlook. I also look forward to their Final Project presentations. I say this because, I’m fascinated on what they come up with. It’s basically a whole new world for me. And I feel like I have my own dragon’s den contestants coming to life the entire session. Entrepreneurship is so different from planning events and for me it is quite a refreshing direction.

Speaking of different direction, since the pandemic hit us, I decided to get involved more and more with the schools inner activities and committees. And one of the committees working on is an annual  regional entrepreneurship contest that the school has every year. And a final project on the education of indigenous culture. WOW what a challenge this is and I’m loving it . I am the event organizer needless to say it gets my event planning juices going. (finally)

This month was also teacher appreciation day/week at school. And this time I surprised by lovely, sweet heartfelt messages from my students.  Boy is that touching. You need to understand that it is not every day you hear or learn what your students really think/appreciate about your teachings. And when they actually take time to thank you. WOW!!  Honestly, being able to pay it forward is truly something I enjoy and love. I love to see the new generation take over our industry or go off into other things with my ‘help/guidance’.  Once back from my short trip. Went into full gear mode with my students. We went to the McCord Museum to get inspiration on the Indigenous culture. The reason for this is because one of my classes have a mandate to work on a FINAL PROJECT event related to this. What better way to get inspired?

Regarding the industry, my company is still a little bit on hold. Although, I am actively in-touch with my clientele. And yes, we discuss planning to meet next month and start moving forward with the possibility of starting to do incentive programs. On a positive front, someone on LinkedIn challenged our industry to ‘re-introducing’ ourselves on the professional front. This was brilliant idea… and of course I participated.

I also signed up for a few upcoming industry congresses that are finally going to happen. Despite being re-scheduled several times in the past few years… So March into April things are starting to open up. Fingers crossed it stays this way.  

Speaking of normal, it looks like I’m going to start traveling again, on the business front that is.  It goes with out say, that there are extra steps imposed to this kind of travel. Anyhow we adapt even if we do not like it.  The good new is that I might actually be heading to Halifax – PEI – Puerto Rico – India and Thailand (fingers crossed). Will keep you posted. That is all for now see you next month …

A fresh start in January 2022

Wishing everyone the HAPPIEST of NEW YEARS and tons of health

The year started off with a lot of ups and downs. Parents left for Florida to not only become snowbirds again but also to see what was happening with their condo; you see because of the government travel restrictions due to the pandemic they haven’t been able to travel for the past 2 years. Too boot they had a court-case they needed to be present for and had no means of preparing for it. So, I volunteered and headed there to help put it together. When I say putting it together, I mean bringing my laptop and getting the proper internet to be able to connect and be present for this hearing.

I will not lie it’s been quite an ordeal getting ready and then being there. I say ordeal because the media paints a picture of how Florida is in shambles at the moment with this pandemic… However, once I got there, fearing the worst, it was the complete opposite of what we heard… SHOCKER… what was being reported that COVID was not taken seriously there. Instead, it is almost just like here!?!?! HUHHH?!? Don’t get me wrong I was pleasantly surprised and happy that things where pretty much like here in Canada. One less thing to worry about.   I will share that the weather wasn’t great, it was cool not cold like back home however cool enough that I only was able to go to the pool 2 days out of the 9 days there. However, my time was mostly spent running errands for my parents and that same week College Lasalle’s winter session started. Began teaching all of my classes online… No time for beach-bumming that is for sure.  So, the “the beach life” like I usually do never materialize. It is what it is.

I am happy that school started, and that I was given MORE classes to teach finally…. There are also new projects the school is working on and I’m on some of those committees. I must say it is exhausting simply because getting back into the swing of things after 2 years of nothing was an adjustment none the less. But I’m doing it!

I also fulfilled my promise to some of my ROCK STAR students I’d treat them to lunch to thank them for their hard work during the event we did together.

Once back from my short trip. Went into full gear mode with my students. We went to the McCord Museum to get inspiration on the Indigenous culture. The reason for this is because one of my classes have a mandate to work on a FINAL PROJECT event related to this. What better way to get inspired?

I hope you had a good start to the New Year! Sending you only good vibes for 2022.

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